Planning Your Lockdown Days
A lot of us find ourselves "locked" at home, and there is no time frame for when we can end it. What at first may have been seen as a short-term chance to think about other areas of our lives, for many, gradually become a source for frustration and anxiety. It's true that it's quite a tad boring and hard to sustain energy levels when we have all the things to do and nothing to occupy, entertain or distract us. There are things that we should/shouldn't be doing and work that demands attention, but when the days all merge into one it can be hard to know what day it actually is before even getting dressed, ready and set to complete something worthwhile. For more detail please visit:- Routine is what the majority of us are familiar with being amidst the pressures of bringing children to school, taking them to work, shopping , and keeping all our chores, schedules and social obligations into our busy days. Routine created order and discipline in our lives. It was a result of start times or meal breaks, as well as clarity on what was expected of us all laid out. Today, there may be a "what's the point to do this?' reaction when we've spent all of our time doing only a little, and on top of that, our structure and accountability has gone. Many people have used lockdown to effectively clean their cupboards, lose weight, and even learn Mandarin! For others, getting up, dressed and fully dressed has become a struggle. Television and the delivery driver have become their best friends! Let's explore ways to shake it into a new direction and provide some realistic practical plans for the next stage of lockdown; Accountability can aid. Get a friend on board, someone who's exactly like you, who regularly check in with and who inspires and encourages you. If you share your successes and downs, you'll be able to assist each other and stay in the right direction. Discuss what you personally require in terms of what's realistically possible with you even though the starting point is simply getting up and dressed according to a set time or taking a routine walk. Each is a win in its own. It's also helpful to have someone with whom to discuss your day-to-day news. - Plan your ideal end resultfrom lockdown. You could decide to think large, like you'd like to start on your own to run a business and find an employment opportunity, shed some weight, or run in a marathon. The bigger goals can be broken down into bite-sized pieces and then repeat every one of the essential elements that will jigsaw together to create the picture of your ideal end-to-end success. A new career may require familiarity with the job description as well as clarification of any skill and experiences required such as a training program, a revised CV or even a phone call to HR of the company. A marathon commitment could mean gradually increasing your fitness levels from running to walking, and learning about stretching, proper equipment and nutrition. Determine the phases so that you are aware of what's involved and don't be overwhelmed. Some people. They are happy to tick off the items at the end of each day. This gives them a sense of achievement and satisfaction. Make a list the night before to ensure it has structure, but be wary of being too harsh to yourself when things don't go according to plan. Accept that unexpected issues may occur or projects may require more time than you anticipated. - Ensure that the plans you have in mind are right for you. This is no moment to be competing against others. Everyone is faced with their own problems and issues. Instead, concentrate on what will be the best outcome for you. This way, you're more likely to stick with the plan. Sometimes competing with yourself might become part of your plan and help keep you focussed in achieving your personal best or hitting goals within a specific timeframe could be beneficial for you. Affirming yourself with praise and appreciation at each stage of your effort is a positive component in making plans for your lockdown days. Instead of moving from one endpoint to the next, be sure to give yourself a reward even if you've only had a phone call or exchanged an email. Each of these steps takes you towards the right direction. And if you do find that your plan isn't working out well and requires a change, this is fine. Regroup and revise your plan Be confident that your efforts and knowledge to date have added value to your life. Be patient with yourself and be grateful for the obstacles you have overcome and the lessons you have gained during the journey. Plan your lockdown day ahead to give you motivation and energy and the chance to make you feel more fulfilled, it will leave you feeling satisfaction and fulfillment. Susan Leigh, South Manchester counsellor, hypnotherapist, relationship counselor journalist and media contributor offers assistance in relationship issues, assertiveness, stress management and confidence. She works with individual clients or couples, and also gives group workshops and assistance. She's the author of 3 books, 'Dealing Stress and the Effect it has on us 101 Days of Inspiration #tipoftheday', and "Dealing with Death and Coping with Pain', all accessible on Amazon and featuring easy to read sections, advice and suggestions to help you get more confident about your life.

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