How Can Anyone Avoid Cancer From Toxins In Food?
It seems that cancer of all kinds is on the rise. My sister passed away two years ago from pancreatic cancer just a couple years after my sister in law died from the same illness. It's two deaths in the same family of the same type. Since then, a number of other people have died from it also. It's a horrible way to die and long-term suffering that are associated with it. It is also a short period of time between diagnosis and death, which can be as short as some weeks. This led me to conduct a bit of research into likely causes. On the list of suspects is gyphosphate. Gyphosphate is the primary ingredient in the weed killer made by Monsanto. Monsanto is responsible for genetically modified crop varieties and the primary reason for their success lies in their ability to apply chemical to safely kill the weeds, but not the plants. Visit:- Wow! That was an amazing experience. My parents and grandparents who died weren't only gardeners but were also weed eaters frequently. The company states it is safe to use by not contacting skin during spraying, it's safe to apply. Recent research has revealed, however, a link between the product and pancreatic cancer. The Australian government has banned its use in Australia. That follows reports that certain plants, like Rye grass, are intolerant to it. It could also be due to the majority of fruits and vegetables are known to take up the chemical from the soil and it is able to remain active for many weeks. The issue is how much of the weed killer is absorbed by the plants on which it is sprayed through both hand and aerial sprayers. There is a lot of uncertainty about this product as well as its impact on our foods that we could be eating cancer-causing contaminants in almost every single thing. Genetically modified food items include the ones from which oils are produced to cover certain food items such as chips or fish, as well as anything other than food items that are fried or baked in oven. They are also sold in volume for home use and are in many other items that the general public is not aware of or know about.' In the meantime, until further research is conducted the possibility of the ban on GM crops as well as the weed killer is likely to happen in the near future, and with different governments in comparison to the current. If no one speaks up and create a wake-up call to provoke action it is impossible to keep cancer-causing contaminants in food coming at this point.

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