Stay At Home Mothers Blogging To The Bank
Is blogging the newest method for stay-at-home moms to make a great monthly income? What exactly is a blog? In essence, it's basically an internet-based diary. For example: If you didn't know of the hugely popular UK television show 'The Secret Diary of a Call Girl was based on the online diary of a real-life anonymous caller, who was, ahem, you know... earning money by doing "things" to pay for her studied. They were so well-loved that her online diary was published as a book then later a popular television show. It can be very profitable to blog. There is a blog I frequent, where the owner makes an average of $20000 + each month from his blogs. For more detail please visit:- Recently, a new trend is sweeping across the internet and this is the phenomenon known as mommy blogs. Moms who stay at home are taking to the internet, and have begun to blog about day to day parenting issues and other topics that have gained popularity with viewers. The blogs have grown, and continue to grow to a size where they have been noticed by big companies who are now paying cash for these blogs to promote their products and give them plenty of freebies to be reviewed by the blogger. Many of the mommy bloggers today earn thousands of pounds each month from advertising along with affiliate fees. What do you write about on your blog and what do you say do you do it? Here's our seven step method to be successful as mommy blogger. 1. Focus: Choose the right topic. A mommy blog no longer must be mom-related (being originally from the UK the word mom seems like a strange word! Lol). It is essential to choose a topic that you like writing about. it's tough to write for an extended period of time on a subject that does not appeal to you. In order to have a successful blog, you must write about the subject you are interested in repeatedly in a variety of ways. Jessica Benton, a US mommy blogger who is based in the US, launched her blog on saving money from home. The blog was later changed into a tech blog that was focused on all kinds of technological. 2. Find a name and get an idea of. If blogging is a new concept to you, then you'll require a plan, especially with regards to the title of your blog. Once your blog goes live, you're stuck with it, so consider the future, what do you want to blog about and what should you identify your blog? Some of the most successful mommy bloggers have admitted that they never planned to have a professional blog and were fortunate to have their names worked out nicely when their blogs grew. The advice they gave is to think carefully about the name of your blog. 3. Practice. Start blogging at a free blog site like or Spend three to six months writing about your chosen topic , and then spend time on your blog to test whether you can succeed and most importantly, take pleasure in it. If you don't manage to get through those first six months then you will not make it. In the end, it will never cost you a penny. If you're enjoying it and believe you can achieve it, now is the time to take following the steps. Find a domain. 4. Register your trademark. When you've determined that blogging can work for you, it is time to get the domain name. In addition, it is recommended to set up your Facebook page and Twitter account that are registered under that same domain name. Making them all the same will help you stand out and giving that branding feel. When you register your domain, including the word "mom" included in it can help you be noticed by companies searching for blogs to collaborate with. For example one successful mommy blog is 5. Start writing. The mommy bloggers who are professional are writing anywhere from one to 10 posts per day. They write good quality articles that others are interested in reading. It is advised to write from the heart and write in a straightforward and casual manner, as if you were talking to a friend of a friend. Not too technical or complicated but not too'messy by using slang terms and slang that only your closest friends will know. Regularly writing quality and informative articles can improve the search engine rankings, which will result in a lot of organic traffic. (People who discovered your website without you launching costly advertising campaigns or social media campaigns). 6. Examine your own life. Mommy bloggers began to look over items they loved or items they use at home. This could range from food items to television shows they watched. In the end, companies would notice that they were getting rave reviews for their products. A positive recommendation from happy customers is one of the most powerful types of advertising that you can have. Companies would offer mommy bloggers free items to review and enjoy. This is a win-win for all parties that are. To bring brand-name companies to your blog It is essential to include product and item reviews visible on your blog. It is also importantly to be honest. Include negative things if there are any, and not only the positive. Do not write excessive praise that is not authentic otherwise they'll think you're not authentic and just after their business. It's not going to work. 7. Connect to other blogs. It is not to be confused with obvious self-promotion but genuine interaction with other blogs and websites. Again, being genuine is the goal of the game. The reason? Because it is the most effective and builds lasting relationships with loyal customers in the long run. Blogging is a long-term game and not a quick and easy quick method. You need to find blogs or websites similar to you, and then leave appropriate comments on their blogs. Do not leave comments that say 'Come and go to my blog' as they can be annoying to users and owners of websites and are subsequently deleted. Establishing genuine relationships with other blogs will have them regularly coming to your blog to read what you've written and to post your blog's articles and reviews with their followers. Your blog will see traffic come to your blog from these blogs.  

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