How to Create Your First Blog
I've been blogging for about two years and am amazed by the amount of traffic that I get from my blog, and the amount of people who inform me they first heard about me from my blog and not my web site. The word"blog" is derived from "web log", or an online journal or diary. If the HBO show "Sex and the City" were being filmed today, Carrie Bradshaw would be a blogger and a columnist, I think. Why? In the course of her experiences, as she discovers new things about love, life, or relationships with others, she could publish them on her blog for all to read and to comment on. Blogging has opened website creation to anyone, given that it requires a minimum of knowledge to get a blog up and running. Many service business owners have opted to use blogs as their primary website and some are even developing static pages like you would see on a traditional site and others using the platform to create an online blog and posting updates regularly. For more detail please visit>>> There are many benefits that blogs can offer over traditional websites or ezines. 1. Search engines love blogs. The method that appears appealing to search engines is to provide regularly updating content. I can log-in to my blog at the beginning of the day, and post a post. Within 24 hours, I'll receive an email via my Google alerts account that Google has indexed the blog post. 2. Content can be distributed quickly. If you ask your visitors to subscribe to your blog through updating services like Bloglines or Feedblitz They'll be informed within hours of any new posts posted on the blog. 3. A basic understanding of web programming is needed. After your blog is created it's just simple to log into your account, typing the information for your post, adding images or images and publishing the article to your blog. 4. Feedback from readers. Your readers will be able to leave feedback and comments about your blog posts within minutes after you log an post. Blogs can be a great method to engage your audience. Are traditional websites and ezines dying? No, because people use information in different ways. Some are auditory learners and would rather hear the information (great audience for podcasting, which is an audio type of blogging), some prefer receiving updates when they're published (blog readers), while others like an established, stationary media to which they can reference when they're at their best (readers who archive ezines or bookmark web pages). How do you begin to blog? Here are 10 simple steps you can follow: 1. Blogging platform. The easiest method for beginning is to utilize the free service available at or The possibility of customizing your blog is not available with the free options, therefore I advise my clients to sign up with and they will host your blog using their servers. You can also get a hosting service where WordPress is installed. The version that is downloadable of WordPress is available in and is available free of charge if you need to install WordPress yourself using the hosting service you use. I am using Typepad for my blog, so many of my examples will be exclusively to blogs hosted on Typepad. 2. Name. What do you plan to label your blog? Blog names are typically attractive and non-traditional. For service-oriented businesses I counsel my clients to include specific keywords relevant to their company when naming their blog. It is also important to obtain the .com form of your blog's name , or your blog's title with"blog "blog" attach as your blog's URL. After you have set up your site, you blog provider can give you more info about mapping your domain name to your blog. (Note that you don't want to just forward your blog's URL to the domain you own as it can impact the URLs for your individual blog pages). 3. Look and Layout. How many columns do need to show? Do you want hyperlinks to static websites? What colors would you like to choose? Do you have a signup form to host a giveaway? Should you choose one of the templates available or make something custom? Do you want your blog's archives displayed? Do you want to be the sole blogger or do you prefer to allow others to create posts? There are numerous questions that will be asked during the initial phase about the style of your blog. A Typepad blog allows you to modify your mind about the layout at any time. The best method of determining the design the blog will have is take a look at the layout of other blogs and decide which one you prefer.  

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