Top 10 Blog Terms Explained
Many people aren't aware of the meaning behind "blog" means, much as any of the other terms that are employed when discussing the topic of blogging. To aid in removing any confusion or misunderstood information this list of terms used in blogging was compiled. Blog Term #1: Blog The majority of people aren't sure what a blog is, which is the reason why it's on the top of the list of things to do. The term "blog" is short for web log. Blogs are mostly blogs that are maintained by individuals although not in the traditional since blog format, in which they reveal their personal thoughts and secrets. Blogs are used as an opportunity for individuals to discuss their interests and provide advice to other people who are reading their blogs. Some bloggers have become skilled enough at blogging to make money doing it as a profession. For more detail please visit>>> Slot 888 Blog The second term Pinging Pinging is a great tool that bloggers can use to help get their blog noticed. There are hundreds of websites which offer this service at no cost. What pinging actually does is it informs the various popular search engines that there is an update on your blog. This can help move your blog up the ranks of popularity so that it stands greater chance of being noticed. Blog Term #3: Linking Most popular blogs provide hyperlinks within their articles that allow people to be directed to other websites in order find additional information about a particular topic or as a way of referencing the topic to make sure that the blog's content is true. A lot of blogs are deliberately filled with inaccurate facts. However, linking helps legitimate bloggers to distinguish themselves from fake blogs. Blog Term #4: Posts The term "post" is used to describe the introduction of a new blog entry. Every time you make a change to your blog, it's called a post. Blog Term #5: Template All new blogs come with a standard writing template. Don't assume that your topic and content alone will be enough to draw readers. You'll also want to edit your template so that it is distinct from all the others. A blog needs to be visually appealing as it is informative. Blog Term #6: Blog host To get a blog , you must join a blog host. This includes Blogger dot com, or if you have a My Space account, you may have realized that you have a blog on there. However, you should remember that there are numerous blogs that offer the service at no cost, so don't waste your money with one who requires a fee. Blog Term #7: Blog directories They are huge online databases that catalog the millions of blogs across the web. If you create your own blog, it will also be added. Blog Term #8: Niche Many have spoken about the necessity for your blog to be in an audience. A niche refers to the primary purpose of your blog. Does your blog discuss politics, pop culture, or music? Each of these is an area of interest. Blog Term #9: RSS feed This is a bit of code that you can add with your blog which lets people subscribe to it. This eliminates the stress of having your readers go to your site to check the latest updates by automatically informing them each time it's. Blog Term #10: Trackback links This tool notifies other bloggers every time you refer to their blog. It also provides a link to your blog from theirs. This is a great way to boost your fame, and to build contacts with fellow bloggers.

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