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Anyone who is new to the web is frequently confused by the word a website and a blog. What is the difference? Which one should I choose or go with? What are the benefits of a blog and a website? of blogs? Answers to all of these questions are available within this post. What exactly is a Website? A website is a collection or interconnected websites on a domain that use the standard HTML, PHP and others.. What exactly is a Blog? A blog is also a website but uses the Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress. For more detail please visit>>> Cop Watch Healthcare Corruption and Fraud Muhammadiyah Sorong tin box supplier amazon acronym Benefits, Advantages/Differences of a Blog over a Website A website can be formal and has an easy to understand business-oriented approach. A blog, however, is like a diary but online. A blogger writes regularly on a particular niche and readers are welcomed to contribute their ideas on every article written. Here people can speak friendly and less formal. It helps build strong relationships. A blog and a site have their place. It shouldn't be a matter of which is better but rather, which is the best for your reason online. It is what you intend to accomplish that will determine the first choice. Both can work together. Below are some advantages/differences of a blog compared to a website. Blogs aren't expensive to build Since everyone's fingers aren't equal, the first advantage of a blog in comparison to web-based sites is the fact that it's cheap to create. With just $20 (max.) you could have a hosted WordPress blog. It's quite different for the creation of a website. And if you can not pay $20 for the domain and hosting services, you can of course begin with a hosting service that is free although it's not the most reliable, but you could start by using it and not pay anything. You can get a good free hosting service through blogger, owned by Google. With blogger, you can connect your blog to a Google AdSense account. This way, you can have your hosting services for free , and you can also earn money. Cool right? I was thinking the same thing, except that it is not the right way to do real blogging (professional). Blogs are inexpensive to maintain Since creating a blog doesn't always require possessing a particular skill, almost anyone can begin and run the blog, but to run a website you need an HTML and website designing skills. The simple process of creating a blog has resulted in the more than 130 million blogs online in the present and this number is growing daily, as thousands people who couldn't have had the funds to create a website are settling for blogs and , in some instances, making a profit from it. Blogs are simple to keep up-to-date To create a post for a blog all you do is log in to the blog's dashboard, write your content and hit publish. Within minutes your post will be seen by anyone who visits your site for reading. If you have static websites, to upload an article you must first open your editor, FrontPage, Dreamweaver e.t.c. Write your article, then update property of the page before you can upload your webpage using FTP software. Based on the strategies that you utilized, it could take months before your website is listed by Google. Blogs permit writing as well as audio and video. They can be up and running in just a few minutes. This isn't the case with a website. You will have to spend the money each time you want to make an update to your site if you do not have the expertise of managing static site. Blogs contracts itself Blogs automatically arranges their content according to date and category. Additionally, since blogs are built-in to search, readers and search engine spiders are able to easily conduct the blog's search and find what they're searching for. If you want to create a static website, you need to organize its pages. Blogs could be Ping Blogs can be 'pinged' so Google is alerted each time you create new content or browse your blog for indexing. Although this feature is available on static websites but you'll have to spend more time than you have to should it be an SEO-focused blog. Optimization (SEO) and have the website show up in results for searches. SEO loves blogs! Blogs are a favorite of search engines because of the regular content since that is the content people look for online . Search engines would not earn millions of dollars if people do not receive regular and fresh material to be able to. As a result, blogs can be easily indexed and within a shorter time than a static website. Blogs are also pushed higher in search results than static website just for the fact that they have new content. Static website though could contain the occasional article, but they're mostly intended to market products and services.And could not be continuously updated for months. Most webmasters tend to be more concerned with the look of their site and not the content they put on the site and are focused on maximizing SEO to gain more traffic. Blogs allow readers to freely express themselves through Comment Feeds The Comment Feed on blogs provides a forum for people to communicate in an informal way and interact with each other, thus creating trust and relationships between your readers and you. And that is the essence of blogging, because once they trust you, you become real to them as a professional in your field. So later in future when you recommend or present them with any product (s) to purchase, you will have many people patronizing you. Which at the end of all is for us to blog, or at the very least, why the majority of us blog . We want to advertise and make money. A static website doesn't permit this, but when it does, the discussions are typically formal. However, to encourage readers to engage in discussion, you must regularly provide what they could be able to comment on, which is valuable content. The process of blogging takes time as you'll have to update your blog regularly with the latest content. Website or Blog, which one should I go for now? Like I said before it all depends on what you want to achieve. This is the reason I've outlined the features, advantages/benefits of blogs so that you know which one will meet your goal. If you're a complete beginner on the internet, to begin with an online blog. Make use of it as a learning curve. In the present, there's nothing you want to do which isn't possible with the help of a blog. Karo Itoje runs a variety of blogs where she writes on her home-based business. She also has a website that offers step by step article guides (including tutorials for images) on starting a blog for those who are new to blogging. For more help on website vs blog see the article Blog benefits vs. Website advantages [] at [] Subscribe to the 'Beginners Blogging Guide' newsletter to get free mentorship and a copy of her ebook 'Blogging at a Glance' worth $40. An essential book for all beginners to blogging. Copyright: You are allowed to copy this article, so long as the content, author credit as well as the links that are active and this copyright notice remain intact.  

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