Retro Game Review: Berserker Raids
Johann Karlsen entered the bridge of Nogara's flagship, NIRVANA. "We can't defeat them. We need another year, at least, to have a functional squadron. We must retreat." "Do you think that lifeless killing machine is just going to allow us to retreat? Hit them with what we've got. It'll have to be enough!" The first lesson one learns during Berserker Rifles is documentation may be deceiving." In several games of the game the berserker arrived in Esteel (The world of home in the stories of Saberhagen, which is not specified by the rules) in the year 4030. This is the earliest time possible for arrival. In reality, the method of play that is conservatively described in the documentation isn't sufficient when this happens. In most cases however it is best to study the instructions closely if they want to perform well when playing the game. Berserker Raids is based off the short stories by Fred Saberhagen in the '60s about automated killing machines who functioned as mammoth space fortresses with psychopathic programming. Visit:- The game plays similar with Avalon Hills' Andromeda Conquest or SSI's Emporium Galactic in the sense that most of the game consists in the allocation of resources towards conquering the enemy, controlling, or defending a galaxy which is displayed to the player as a grid map. Similar to other games in this genre graphics are limited to a graphics page title sequence. The remainder of the game is primarily an arithmetic/text-based strategy game. Similar to the games described above, Berserker Raids plays primarily as a strategy-based game that involves resource allocations, and the design of ships play a significant factor in how the player will defeat the berserker. The game's tactical nature is dependent on your ability to master naval tactics, overall however, there are limited tactical options available to the commander of a squadron or planetary defender in the event that the strategic aspect of the game isn't performed correctly. You shouldn't get the impression of thinking that Berserker Raids is a clone of the games. Instead, BR has a wide variety of different games, all with a different strategic problem to resolve. Trial Game is a typical space empire game, except that the artificial intelligence is able to attack the player's force (which is not the norm in the majority of space empire games). The game is called Talevian Outpost, the next step after the Trial Game, the human player is faced with an issue with logistics. He/she must defend a planet with an obsolete fleet by rehabilitating the fleet even though the majority of his or her fighting assets are more than 10 light-years away. Asoka Pass is a scenario where the player's human counterpart must utilize their wits to bring together the forces of five different worlds at the strongest base for defence and shipbuilding prior to the berserkers attack. The story seems ironic because the player is required to be able to watch the berserker take over planet after planet before the final battle is fought on the planet of their choice. In Saberhagen's story, Stone Place, the commander in chief of the human troops is heavily criticised for allowing- ting the ATSOG planet be conquered in the midst of waiting for the battle d' resistance to begin. My personal favorite is the scenario titled The Royalty Returns. In this scenario, each of the human players would like to claim the galactic throne however the issue is that they both need the fleets of their rivals to be able to stand up to the berserker menace. Human players must weigh between the threat to their position and the reigning throne on a delicate scale of strategy in order to prevail. Berserker Raids is an enjoyable game that is played on a variety of levels. The solitaire version is challenging however the addition of another human player adds a element of intrigue, negotiations, and strategy which makes it more enjoyable. I have seen few game systems that were equally effective in both modes, and I truly appreciate that. BR is an excellent purchase because it combines numerous types of space games all in one. The user- easy to follow, with step-by-step directions that include strategies, strategies, statistical maps and hints. It also provides formulas and probabilities the system is built. It would be wonderful if more games followed this model. Berserker Works Ltd. doesn't intend to quit with this method, but. The follow-up game to BR is Wings Out Of Shadow, which makes use of a game map and adventure and arcade format in order to simulate exploration in the Taynarus Nebula and a possible boarder party of berserker robots that are threatening your mainstay, Judith.  

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