LED Street Lights Save Money and Help the Environment
With rapid progress being made in the field of semiconductor technologies, LEDs are increasingly the ideal solution for street and other outdoor lighting in the area. Due to their long life, uniform brightness and illumination, LEDs represent the next generation of lighting. The latest technology offers the highest luminosity and consumes less energy than conventional street lighting. In no way is it a surprise that LEDs are now among the most economic, environmentally friendly, and energy savings items in the world. They're very affordable and can reduce costs by as much as 50 percent. Visit:- http://trudendien.com/ They have been designed to improve energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. The rapid development of this technology offers amazing quality and performance which means it is highly likely that LEDs will totally replace conventional lighting technologies in only a few years. One example for saving cost and the environment by replacing old street lights with modern LED lights: The city of Ann Arbor, Michigan, last year installed 58 new LED light fixtures in rental housing areas that are near to the University. Ann Arbor was looking at ways to improve the lighting in the area and keep costs as low as it is possible. The new street lighting fixtures are expected to reduce the energy bill by 50 percent and reduce CO2 emissions. Because Ann Arbor will be saving nearly $6,000 per year on their energy bill, the cost associated with these new LED street light fixtures will be paid for in 4 years. Ann Arbor has made a conscious effort to switch their outdoor lights to LED street lamps since the year 2006. Ann Arbor has now installed over 1,300 LED light fixtures since and is planning to install hundreds of more for the coming years. LED technology is the ideal option for cities, it will save cities significant sums of money, decrease carbon dioxide emissions, and significantly lower the cost of maintenance since street lighting with LEDs typically do not require any maintenance for the first 10 years. Conventional street lighting is an outdated concept in most cities, and many private landowners are moving to LED technology at a rapid pace. Since LEDs are extremely versatile they are able to be utilized in a variety of lighting requirements and provide the most light output and energy savings. In addition to streets and roads, LEDs can be used to illuminate the narrow alleyways, parking lots or gas stations as well as other public areas that require no maintenance. Switching to this technology is the best and eco-friendly choice and its installation can help make the world a better place.  

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