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There have been many times when people have said, "Bob, you do so well on the net What is the secret to getting such a huge amount of traffic?" The answer is simple: serious blogging isn't like successful blogging. If you're hoping to be successful with your business ventures online You must be committed to the way you market your blog as well as yourself! Would you like to learn how I generate 5000 unique readers to my blogeach day? You will not only discover this on this page, I will also give you the exact steps towards making it occur for you within 90 days, if you adhere to each step! The most appealing aspect of this strategy is that it is no advertising, no purchasing of additional internet marketing tools, and no reason that even an internet beginner can't achieve this kind of success. I am the mastermind/mentor person-to-person coach. Well, through helping people to build a solid mindset within themselves, I also help them to run an effective business. There is a lot of hype in the net about getting more visitors to your blog but no internet superstars seem to be giving FREE blogging advice for FREE! They are always able to leave out the key ingredients. The formula I'm about will share I learned from I can't recall where, so that is the reason I haven't released a report about the topic. I'm sure this wasn't my idea, but I've been using it for some time and it has worked! Fair is fair when you are able to gain valuable knowledge that could benefit others, you should share with as many others as you can! Let's start with the "Formula which will generate 5000 unique visitors to your Blog Everyday, within 90 days !!!" Step One, Blogger is a nice and simple way to start blogs. However, if you are looking to get your blog noticed by the public, start a blog with and/or They are both amazing blogs and get plenty of respect, I'm sure on this! Visit:- One of the most crucial components of blogging is to get search engines to ping your blog! Pinging is a crucial factor in driving visitors to your site. In the past you needed manually load the content onto search engines manually. Today, with blogs, each time you add new content, crawlers of the search engines crawl your site...immediately Thus, they will ping your website! Step Two After your blog is set up, you'll need to register a domain name. There are many domain registries out there, one that I personally prefer is Domains Magnetic; the reason is that they aren't expensive! Your domain name must not be your name, the name of your affiliate program, or the name of any item or services. The domain name for a blog must reflect the content of the material that is within your website's text. This blog you are studying is called "Out-Side The Box Live: the Official Blog". As you are aware, Out-Side the Box Live is the new personal development and entrepreneur development online talk show I am about to launch, but it is also how I believe my audience thinks. You think outside of the box. It is crucial that we all learn to think like this and be mentored by those who are thinking the same way. I personally prefer to be around "Spiritual Entrepreneurs" So, you should create an appropriate domain name that is able to communicate your blog's contents. Step Three If you are making use of Google Ad-Sense to promote your blog, you need to stop! Stop right now and don't do it again! It will be apparent that my blog does not have the scum on it. I do not operate in the business of directing people to websites owned by people I have not met or formed connections with. I don't promote products and services which don't compliment my services or products or which I've not personally used. Also, I don't post things on my site that generate me 5-15 cents in profits. What do you need to put on your blog to increase your earnings? The subscription forms. It will boost sales by putting a subscription form on your site. My form is in the shape of a link. If you look at the end of my articles there is the "link to subscribe". That link will take the reader to an opt-in page, which will send you my e-course and newsletter as well as a link to my community of spiritual entrepreneurs I belong to. That is marketing to its highest degree, and every time I create the latest article every person on my list will have the opportunity to read it for absolutely no cost prior to selling the book! If you put a subscription or opt-in page on your site Not only are you increasing your chances of return visitors, but also keep providing users with reliable information and products... not to mention keeping them informed about any affiliate program, product or, service that you are marketing. I'm guessing you're beginning to understand the importance of this form of subscription. Step Four O.K., Now that you've set up your blog, it's time to write an effective article. You'll need to write your post as strong as it can be. One way to get practice at doing that is to look over posts at the big name blogs, or your blog from the blogger who attracted you to this blog! LOL It's hilarious! ! To create a powerful post, you need four essential components: 1. Identify your audience! What can you do to create a powerful blog, if you don't know the people you're talking to? If you're selling a product or service that you're selling, find out who needs that product or service. Once you've identified who these individuals are, consider the things they would like to know. After that, let's look at the second important factor in writing a compelling blog... 2. Relate what you are doing in your blog post to what readers are looking for! For instance, if, for example, you want your readers to purchase the vitamins you are selling in accordance with the principle in step one that your customers should be searching for information on nutrition and vitamins. So, you must be explaining the advantages of a balanced diet, regular exercise and the most important thing is that they should be taking correct vitamins. After that, you direct them to the right direction, where you inform them of the kinds of vitamins they should take. Do not tell them they should take your vitamin supplements! We aren't even at the part where you have to market your link to your product! 3. The third key ingredient to an effective post is the same as number two...the more closely linked your post is to what your readers are looking for and your product...the more sales you will make. 4. Ah, the final element to a successful blog post...Create your blog post in relation to the goal you're trying to achieve. It's funny how it would seem that three, one, and four are all the same but written differently...huh I'm wondering why that is? LOL

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