Smart Thermostats and Learning Thermostats
Since I am an AC contractor in Phoenix Arizona I can tell youthat in summertime it is extremely hot. A small investment can help lower your electrical expenses when running your air conditioning. As an air conditioning tech and business owner I have come to really believe that your thermostat is the single most important part of your HVAC system. It regulates the entire system and is the brain of the operation. Of course , all air-related components are vital since they can't function in isolation from the next. I'd say that no matter the place you live, no how you're heating or cooling your home or office, the thermostat is the most cost effective device you can upgrade to gain effectiveness. At least 50% of electrical consumption for your office and home is due to your HVAC system. NEST thermostats as well as Ecobee3 smart thermostats are two products I'd like to inform consumers about. I see articles about these products everywhere and I'd like to send my two cents in the air. My business is founded upon thinking within that green field, that non wasteful realm of intelligent technology, cutting edge and easy to use. I like performance and efficiency Who would not? I know it's a stupid question, but, there are people who don't and most people aren't informed. Visit:- Smart thermostats are highly accurate, which means they can cut down time between turning them on and off. They can be programmed and that will result in savings when you set thermostats to stop running your air at temperatures you don't really need because you aren't home. The best thing about smart thermostats is that they are able to learn your habits and times of use and design an appropriate program for you. Therefore, all you have to do is set your temperatures to let them do the rest. So, which thermostat is superior to the other? To be honest I'm in love with each. I've used many over the years and have come to prefer these two most due to the quality of the features. I'm required to provide my customers products that will not fail rapidly, that will be cost effective to them and products that won't result in me having to call back. The nest is extravagant, durable and totally awesome and user-friendly. It is compatible with multiple applications and is extremely compatible with. The manufacturer has excellent support, but it only comes with a 2 year warranty. Additionally, it gets updates via the internet connection all on its own. The thermostat is controlled by the application and controlled. "The ecobee3 "Welcome to the HIVE"" I recently had a client who was seeking different features for a thermostat. He was using fairly basic equipment. Heating via a heating pump, air conditioning by an air conditioner via the heat pump. Also, he had an oil fired heating system that used hot water. The Ecobee3 I was able to set the customer up to control the radiation of his pump. Its ease of switching between via an axillary setting is exactly what we were looking for and the ecobee3 offers the most intuitive user interface I've seen. I personally like it as well as my 65-year old customer, it offers an interface for desktops that the customer thoroughly enjoyed. It is also able to be carried around your home with you as it is able to connect several remote sensors. In addition, your installer, should you decide to use one for the installation, is able to react to any alerts through the contractor portal supplied by Ecobee. These thermostats can reduce your expenses. The majority of homeowners are able to install them themselves but, it is also possible to call a contractor to perform an installation for very small sums of money. My advice to any homeowner is this, step up into the digital age and you will reduce costs and improve efficiency, and not forgetting having the ability to control your HVAC and cooling from any location in the world. Both of these products are an awesome addition for business owners looking to make a significant savings and improve quality control

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