Rubber Stamps – Mounted, Unmounted
There was a time when there was only one choice for rubber stamps and the craftsman. The typical wood mounted rubber stamp. Some of the older rubber stamps came with handles similar to modern business stamps, while others had simple pegs. Because of the popularity of this kind of hobby, you can now buy numerous types of stamps, ranging from mounted, unmounted, acrylic, foam, individually or in sheets. Just a quick check online will bring up a number of companies who offer stamps of all the above types. It is possible to ask what the ideal stamp to buy. While it would be nice to have the answer in black and white, each type has applications that are more effective than the other types. We'd prefer to clear the confusion out of which stamp to use, when, and how to use it. When people are thinking of foam stamps they are usually thinking of cheap stamps of poor quality that can be found in department stores. They are intended to be used by children. Although that was in the past however, recent advances in mold technology have produced foam stamps which are top-quality. They offer a lot of detail and our fantastic choicefor when you're planning to stamp walls or fabrics, since they are lightweight and inexpensive. They can be easily eliminated when you're finished using them. Beyond that, they have a very deep image that can be used for stamping on uneven surfaces. If you're planning to stamp fabric, denim wall, plaster or Tin, then foam stamps could be the ideal choice. 20 years ago, if you had told someone you had an entire closet filled with rubber stamps, they would've thought that you were an insane fanatic. These days, it is not uncommon at all to find stamps in cabinets and closets, an occurrence which has led to a massive demand for storage for stamps. Visit:- Since mounted rubber stamps, with a wood mount, can be heavy and take up a lot space, some craftsmen are drawn to buying stamped rubber that is not mounted. Most of the time, you can buy them in one sheet at a time , and save an entire bundle, or you might want to purchase the stamps individually. Unmounted stamps can be backed by anything from magnets to static cling foam, and are able to be mounted on the medium of preference. Some prefer using traditional rubber stamps that are trimmed close to the design and then placed on static cling-foam that can be easily mounted on blocks of acrylic. While the cost per stamp is usually the biggest concern, another immediate benefit of using unmounted stamps is the inexpensive shipping, since you don't have to transport wooden mounts. Beware of buying "bargain bags" or "pounds of unmounted stamps" as they're usually of very low standard and their designs tend to be poor. Acrylic rubber stamps are the latest "stamps on the block". They are either loved by someone or they don't like them. Clear stamps enjoy a fervent following one day and every one is averse to them the following day. After you've put in a considerable amount of time on a scrapbook page , and you're looking to do a few final touches using a stamp, the last thing you want to do is ruin the work that you've put into it by smudging or placing something on the wrong side. Because clear stamps are placed on a clear acrylic block and you can see you will get a good coverage of ink of your stamp and precise position. You can double stamp by putting stamped images on top of each other. Remember when searching at acrylic clear stamps that not all are created equal. If you've bought low-cost clear stamps, you're likely to be very disappointed. These cheap, expensive acrylic stamps often show their age by attracting dirt and break easily. The best clear acrylic stamps that are made within the U.S.A. are manufactured through Stewart Superior. The proprietary photopolymer this company employs has the ideal amount of adhesion and is robust. Sometimes when clear acrylic stamps have been placed in the sun, they can discolor, but it does not alter in any way the design. A lot of people's favourite, the standard wooded mount rubber stamp doesn't need any introduction. In fact, these stamps have been in use for decades, and they were the first stamps to be utilized in the years prior to. While the selection was limited to your local craft and hobby shop, the growth of this hobby and the advent of the Internet have made way for hundreds of distinctive, printed rubber stamps. Rubber is the most crisp and clearest images of all the stamps. One of the problems that clear stamps face is a discolored image. This is not a problem when using a regular rubber stamp because the rubber absorbs ink in tiny pits that the clear acrylic doesn't have.

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