Crunch Time – Michelle Bridges
Wow! Michelle Mish, or Mish as her nickname is as, is hardy. She's also very inspirational. Although we think of her as always fit but there's lots of effort that goes into this. She's not just at home doing nothing. Regular training, being aware of what you eat and a positive outlook on life all contribute. I feel that the way that Australians perceive their lives has drastically changed since the time we were kids. I was telling my daughter that in the 80's the men didn't wear shirts to the beach , or even going to shops. She was horrified, however there were a few overweight people at the time. Everyone woke up early and took care of our chores. The kids all played outside and only watched possibly just one show in a day. Our school days consisted of fitness classes that all children participated in. After school, we played outdoors cycling or running, and always moving. Visit:- Weekends were full of adventures. A large group would gather to engage in some activity. We only ate because we were prompted by our parents to replenish our energy before heading out again. Fast forward to the 2010's and not just the kids, but also the adults graze all day and never leave the house. As a country, we are getting bigger but less energetic. The age of death is higher than we have ever been due to our lifestyles, which are entirely our own fault. Michelle teaches us with her simple and straightforward style that we have to take responsibility. Everything from calorie counting to workout programs are streamlined to let even the novice to pick up the book and start reading. As a community we need to get back on track as our entire generation is likely to be lost to our parents if we do not act. I enjoy watching shows on weight loss because they're so inspirational. If someone who weighs 50kg overweight and finds drive, so can I. This is the point where Crunch Time comes in. The way we are trained is to consider the source of our problems and why we added weight, and what we must make changes. Making the necessary changes to the problems that lie behind means that our mental renovation helps us to carry on. I am a huge fan of the food, exercise diaries and case studies to give it all a real-life feel. There are also some examples of mistakes with exercise and food that we all make , believing we're making healthier choices, but in reality we're putting more stress on ourselves. Michelle aims to help us all shed many pounds at a rapid pace in order to start over. Through the 12-week program anybody can follow, we can all get intense and dramatic results if we truly want to. I love it. Brenda Mitchell is a Head of the Department for Property Management and currently in her 6th year of real estate. she is enthusiastic about the field and is constantly looking for new ways to assist her team and help them reach their full potential.

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