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Many people are struggling financially nowadays. Given the current economic crisis people feel lucky having a job, while others have had the unfortunate experience of being laid off. The number of people who have dental insurance, and those who have insurance find that their plans are extremely limited in how much they cover. It's easy not to think about your teeth now however, one can only go so long before losing some of their teeth. Because some folks are unwilling to take care of their teeth They are looking at alternatives, like leaving the USA, in order to take advantage of the lower prices available for dental care. This new industry is often referred to as dental tourism. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of dental tourism. Plus: the cost factor. Outside the United States, dentistry costs between 20 and 40% of what you would have to pay for similar work home. This is a major positive, and it is the main motivator for dental tourism. Certain people require expensive treatments, and can enjoy significant savings. A full mouth restoration consisting of 28 crowns along with a couple of root canals can cost over 40000 dollars in the USA while in Europe the cost can be as low as $7,000. For some, they just require some root canals and 3 to 4 crowns. In the US that could cost them $7-8,000, while abroad it could cost $1200-$1,500. It doesn't require a lot of dental work to rack up thousands of dollars. Minus: the expenses of travel and the time spent away. Going to your local dentist is far more comfortable. You won't have to take the time off from your job, and the expense of getting to the office is not a major expense. Visit:- To visit a dentist outside of the country will require the expense of airfare, unless you live near the border. This may also mean taking one week off and the expense of hotel rooms. It is necessary to weight the costs and decide if it is worth the cost. There is a big reason why the majority of dental tourism is done on the Mexican border in Tijuana, Mexico, rather than Asia and Central America. Airfare into San Diego, CA is very inexpensive and Tijuana is very easy to reach from San Diego Airport. Indeed the majority of Tijuana dental clinics will send someone to pick their patients at the Airport. Hotels are considerably less expensive in Tijuana. As most clinics are able to do almost any major work in an entire week, you could calculate around $350 for airfare as well as travel expenses and $300 for lodging and $150 for meals (although you will pay a portion of which you could eat from home). So a trip to the dentist might cost you up to $800. But if you are going to save nearly $2,000 on the difference of dental costs that's about $1200 once expenses are taken into account. One root canal using a crown and post could cost over $2,000 in the US, and would only be a little more than $500 in Tijuana. With a few fillings and your savings would exceed $1800. Even with just a little dental work in Mexico could be worth the cost. Furthermore, the quality. Dental tourism is a success because the truth is dentists working abroad have excellent education as well as the right equipment to do quality work. They are subject to health regulations that they must adhere to, and, while their offices might not be glamorous, they are safe and sanitary, and they definitely have what they need to get their job completed. Sure, there are dentists abroad that do shoddy work, but there are also dentists within the USA that do bad work. In some cases, in the US there is a sense that all they're concerned about is money. It is important to be cautious where ever they go. Numerous dentists in US have been found guilty of prescribing too many treatments similar to a scammed car mechanic, telling some patients that they must get things done that are not required. It could happen anyplace and therefore, one must do their homework and check references. While it is almost impossible to ask a US dentist to provide names of patients you can make use of as references however, the majority of good dental practitioners in Tijuana will have an inventory of US patient who have volunteered to allow themselves to be used for references. Because people are more cautious about going to a foreign dentist, doctors in Tijuana are usually asked by patients to be referred to as references. US dentists can claim confidentialityand it's assumed that since that they're "American" dentists, they should be good, but it could not be that way. But in reality, whether at home or in another country when it comes to references and if they won't give them, do not go there. Minor inconveniences if there is a problem. Any good dentist, whether in their home country or overseas, should give a guarantee for their work. The issue is that when the dentist is located in another country, a return trip is a lot more expensive. This is a big minus when it comes to dental travel. So again, a person has to consider this and put into the calculation. .This can be another cause why why most people who look abroad for dental care stay away distant locations. Traveling to Tijuana isn't any less difficult than traveling to San Diego. If you must go back, it is not too bad. If you've done your research and check the references to your dentist and allow enough time to complete the work it shouldn't cause any issues. However, if you are required to return to get things fixed or redone, you must take that into consideration. Should you travel abroad to take benefit of dental tourism or should you stick with your local dentist? You must make that decision. If it boils down to spending a lot of money you can never afford in order to protect your smile or lose your teeth, in comparison to spending a fraction of that money, along with the inconvenience of flying to Mexico increasing numbers of people are making that decision. They are flogging south by the thousands. Dental tourism definitely seems to be more sensible. It's so easy to take a trip to Tijuana for a quick fix to maintain your beautiful smile.

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