Everything You Need to Know About Samsung Captivate
In essence this phone Samsung Captivate is an AT&T variant of the Samsung Galay S Smartphone which is based on Android OS. The key improvements made on this phone are the introduction of Super AMOLED displays that provide a higher color display and resolution. The phone is now powered by the Hammer processor that runs at 1 GHz. This is designed to ensure that, regardless of the task running on the system, the phone will never be overloaded. The phone is able to run more apps at once with higher processing power than many smartphones. The first thing that is evident among the Samsung Captivate is its light nature. The phone weighs 4.5 pounds which is 0.3 ounces lighter than the iPhone 4. The sharp Samsung lader edges of the phone are as easy to carry around as it is the iPhone 3GS and they are ergonomically solid corners. Its body is thin and conceals all its ports pretty well. The phone features a USB hatch and microSD card slot as well as a removable battery and in addition, a SIM card slot. The phone's design includes a 3.5 millimeter audio jack at the top and buttons limited to volume control and power/lock. The display is among its unique characteristics. It is the Samsung Captivate has a Super AMOLED touch screen. The screen is WVGA resolution and a resolution of 800x480. But what sets it apart from all its rivals is its high contrast. It features a 50,000:1 contrast ratio which optimizes the dynamic range and can be used for movie watching and playing games. When compared with when compared to iPhone 4 which is better for reading and browsing as well, Samsung Captivate is superior. Samsung Captivate has been found to be the most effective when it comes to multimedia such as games and films. The camera resolution for the Samsung Captivate lies at 260 pixels per inch making it the ideal device to capture still images. The screen is by far one of the finest on the market in comparison to the phone's touchscreen. Its Samsung Captivate comes with a 3.0 TouchWIZ on top of the Android 2.1 OS. The browsing experience is exceptional with less lagging. The processor is 1 GHz, which allows the phone to run better and more reliably. With a total of over 65,000 apps for this smartphone together with the 16GB internal memory and microSD card, you can quickly load as many apps as they like without having to use the phone. The phone features a Social Hub. This feature lets users filter the contacts that they really want to get exposed to on regular basis. This makes it easier to use since one is exposed only to the contacts they use most. This is true for the address book and other social networks. On the other side of the camera Samsung Captivate features a distinctive interface. It can be used to capture of high quality video and photos. It is the perfect camera for people who love multitasking. The memory is large enough to exhaust while the functions are superb.

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