Do Business Analysts Make Good Management
This article is a controversial topic today regarding whether business analysts are good management consultants. It is a subject that could be considered controversial as there doesn't an ideal answer to the question. What are the main differences between business analysts as well as management consultants differ? Although there isn't a perfect definition of the difference between the two jobs It is vital to be aware that jobs and roles don't necessarily run by definitions. Both business analysts and management consultants seek to resolve problems for the client , with a specific purpose with an end in mind. Visit:- Personally I don't believe there's any clear distinction between the two roles. As a consultant I have previously performed requirements planning, gathering and documentation (some of the core functions of business analysts) however, I have also engaged in managing projects, changing management, stake holder meetings that go beyond gathering requirements, creating assets, conducting GAP analysis etc. Therefore I'd be somewhere in between the business analyst or the icon of a project manager. Do business analysts make excellent consultants for management? In the context of a role definition one can say that a BA works most often dealing with IT in one way or the other. Consultants, however, I feel could potentially be working in an unrelated IT related field of consulting, too. While this may be a debate, it can be considered to be an area of differentiation between the two roles. In the meantime, before we decide to shoot the gun, I'd like you to know that this may not be the circumstance. I am aware that my consulting work involves solving client problems with the use of technology as well as IT. In accordance with the CBAP Handbook, experiences in the following areas would not be considered in the CBAP experience criteria. In the process of creating Project Plans and Identifying project risks, Weekly project report conducting design workshops, developing project charters or system architecture, testing execution etc. Personally, I think this does not make sense. I believe that acquiring knowledge beyond the job description is an excellent instrument for achieving success in the workplace. However, I believe that CBAP doesn't allow this work experience because of a reason that is justified at their end. The main reason is to differentiate CBAP certification from PMP certification. CBAP certification from the PMP certification or any other certifications. It is a good thing that companies and industries are always on the look for candidates who could extend beyond their role. As we all know, that the roles of business analysts or consultants are not limiting. At least I haven't seen any company that has said NO when an BA wants to assume more responsibility for project management. Business analysts are good management consultants? I my opinion, BA's make excellent consultants. In certain fields BA's could need extend their responsibilities to support areas not covered under the scope of business analysts such as business processes or project management, change management for instance. However, I believe that's the trick for a great consultant. If you're looking to become a top consultant, beginning as a BA could be your first step to success. Therefore, from a pure perspective, the BA's and consultants may be different, I think in reality we are the same in a lot of areas where we have duties. Although management consultants may differ from strategy, process, operations or other functional areas of consulting, business analysts may be restricting their area of capabilities if they want to follow the handbook guidelines.

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