What is interview? Types of interviews that employers often use
An interview is an exchange process between a candidate and an employer. Read this article to understand more about what an interview is!  
  1. Concepts
Interview is the process of contact and exchange (or more specifically, the process of asking and answering) between the employer (NTD) and the candidate, the purpose of the employer is to find the right person to take on the job. The position they are recruiting for, and the goal of the candidates is of course to successfully apply for the job they want.   The interview process always plays an extremely important role for both the employer and the candidate. Interviewing is a particularly important stage for consumers to assess the candidate's ability specifically and accurately. Besides, they will also better understand the personality, communication skills, attitude... of each individual participating in the interview; then find out who they really need.   As for candidates, each interview is a golden opportunity for them to express themselves. They must make full use of the knowledge, skills and experience they have to answer the recruiter's questions in a way that is both honest and smart enough. Only in this way can they catch the eyes of consumers and get their hands on the job they've always dreamed of.  
  1. Common types of interviews
2.1. Competency interview The purpose of this type of interview is for employers to determine if their candidates have the experience and skills to fill the position they are hiring for. In a competency interview, employers will often ask candidates questions such as:   – “Do you have experience in a similar position?”   – “What skills do you think are suitable for the position we are recruiting?”…   2.2. Behavioral interview Behavioral interviewing is the type of interview commonly used for positions that don't require experience. NTD will screen the most suitable candidate after observing their behavioral capacity. NTD's test is usually to pose hypothetical situations and ask candidates how to handle them to see how they cope with difficulties and pressures.   2.3. Technical interview Technical interviewing is one of the most interesting and highly practical interview skills. Employers will find the right candidate for the position they are hiring for by simply and directly letting them try the job. It is a short test of knowledge and skills for candidates. Each candidate takes the same test and NTD will decide who is the best fit. 2.4. Board interview – This is an extremely popular form of interview today, it is very popular and used by businesses. The interview process of this type will usually last a day or a few days depending on the employer's arrangement.   – Candidates will be interviewed by a panel of about 4 to 5 people. The interviewer here includes a whole group, this will minimize errors on the part of the consumer and also help the business get a more comprehensive view of the candidate.   In addition, you can join the interview training course and update more useful information here "DSA Interview Coaching" 2.5 Group interview – This is not a very common form of interview in Vietnam, but some businesses still apply it to interview their candidates. They will let candidates interview at the same time, not separate each candidate for separate interviews.   This form of interview helps recruiters save a lot of time. They will ask questions, challenges and then observe the whole group of candidates to find the best fit for the position they are hiring.

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