Immigration to Europe – Which is the shortest route?
What is the safest and fastest way to settle in Europe? Want to become an EU citizen and enjoy the full benefits of an EU citizen? Which path will lead you to success? Stay tuned for today's post!
  1. Malta Citizenship by Investment Program to become a European citizen
Malta, with its favorable geographical position, has become a leading center for the circulation định cư châu Âu of goods. Malta has a developed tourism and financial industry, attracting many wealthy people from around the world to settle down.   Joining the Malta citizenship by investment program, investors and 4 generations of their family not only own one of the most powerful passports in the world, but also become European citizens. Therefore, the program is well worth the cost you spend. Conditions of the Malta Citizenship by Investment Program Donations to the Maltese government:   + For Express program (12 months): Donate 750,000 Euro   + For Standard program (36 months): Donate 600,000 Euro   Buy real estate at least 750,000 Euro, maintain 5 years OR rent real estate at least 16,000 Euro/year, maintain for 5 years Get a Maltese permanent residence card, then get a passport Hold PR card for 12 months or 36 months depending on program choice, then switch to get Passport Highlights of the Malta Citizenship by Investment Program 4 generations of family included Dossier for approval first, investment later, quick completion time Free education – British standard. Health ranks 5th in the world Developed financial center, strategic location, advanced infrastructure 7th English speaking country in the world Official member of the EU, the euro, the British commonwealth, the Schengen area
  1. Malta Permanent Residence Program MPRP
The new Malta Resident Program (MPRP) allows investors to choose one of two investment paths: Apply for an MPRP through real estate rental or property purchase. MPRP is considered to be the most feasible and effective way today for families of 4 generations to receive Maltese permanent residence and freedom to travel and định cư châu Âu  after only 4-6 months.   Conditions of the Malta Permanent Resident Program Prove a net worth of at least 500,000 euros, of which 150,000 euros must be financial assets. Non-refundable administrative fee: 40,000 euros. Inside: – 10,000 euros will be paid within 01 month from the date of application (submission of application)   – 30,000 euros to be paid within 02 months from the date the Letter of Approval in Principle is issued   Donate €2,000 to an NGO registered with the Commissioner of Voluntary Organizations. Real estate: Choose one of the following two forms: – Rent a property for a minimum of 10,000 euros in South Malta/Gozo or 12,000 euros in the rest of Malta   Purchase of a property with a minimum value of 300,000 euros in South Malta/Gozo or 350,000 euros in the rest of Malta Government Contribution: – 28,000 euros if buying a property   – 58,000 euros if renting a property   Note:   The applicant can only invest in residential real estate and must hold the qualifying property for at least 5 years.   – Additional payment of 7,500 euros for each additional dependent adult (except spouse)   – Buy health insurance coverage throughout Malta (no longer required across Europe as before)   Advantages of Malta Permanent Residence Program MPRP Becoming a permanent resident of Malta through the latest MPRP program, investors and four generations of their family will receive many attractive benefits such as:   Live in one of the safest countries, with the best healthcare and education systems in the world. Can apply for naturalization to become a Maltese citizen Join the rapidly growing economy of the European Union Free movement within the Schengen area without a visa. Maximum stay of 90 days in 180 days.

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