What is the Best TV News Station for Accuracy and Truth Discussed
What is the most reliable Television News Program for news? Information that you can trust, which is neither liberal or conservative; is there such a news outlet in the world? Sure most all news stations claim to provide the most honest, fair, balanced and honest news, but then again so is the weather channel, which is wrong 75% of the time and they are able to use real-time satellite radar to prove that they're saying? The question is who can you can you trust? The majority of skeptics would say "trust no one" which could be the best recommendation so far, yet surely one news outlet should be more reliable than all the others, right? So which one is it? Are there a few, or are there none, are there people you can trust times, and you try to fool people all the time? Visit:- https://bbcworldnews.net/ Recently, I experienced a conversation with Fred online , while sipping my coffee. Fred is a tremendous source of information, as he has satellite and cable TV , and around 400 channels to surf. I call him surfing Fred. Mr. Fred is a liberal at heart , however, he prefers to be known as an Independent. He was a presidential candidate for Bush first time and John Kerry the second although prefers neither really. Fred just cannot stand the Fox News Channel which has the highest ratings in the United States currently, although he admits to watching it every day. One might say that Fred could be right about the Fox viewership, when Fred says that they are conservative based folks who have turned off their minds and are mindless. surrendering their minds to the media and he even agreed that they should be known as. Many people enjoy Fox news while others think it is more like a comedy in a manner, since they interrupt everyone before the viewer ever learns anything. Some, however, think that they like the little swath of text that runs across the bottom of the screen and claim that it's a decent TV show with the sound off. They Weekly Standards guys are okay when they're on as they appear very matter of fact and credible But how much can you really learn from five minutes of screaming and shouting and occasionally reading viewer emails with all the politeness they have to offer? What TV news do think is the best to watch? Do you think you agree with Fred? Do you agree with Fred? Or is there one worth having on for 20 minutes? Do you believe you should channel surf between a handful of stations to get the best possible average version of a real-life story? It's true that you can only listen to a certain amount of C-Span in addition to the World Cable news gets silly sometimes as well. Al Jazeera is certainly an interesting glimpse into what they're listening to in the Arab World. In terms of world news, CNN can be considered better than 50% worthy? Your views are interesting to me, as many consider their opinions from a more sarcastic and cynical the moment, which is justified to a substantial extent. Additionally what print do you think is worth reading: FT, WSJ, Foreign Affairs, Economist, Weekly Standard, USA Today, NYT, Bloomberg, BBC? Would you say that all are decent to a certain extent But do you know that all have been discovered to slant their news? Myself, well I have been quoted incorrectly in the media enough and the WSJ constantly misquotes their sources as well. Heck, they've missed quoted there too on occasion? Do you have any suggestions on a reliable media source. Local newspapers are excellent for local stuff and always picks up the world headlines and major AP news, however, frequently they do not seem to examine the stories with much depth; they only take the ones that feature catchy headlines. The rest of which are laced with opinions. What then would be the best supplement to the daily? Who whom, what, when where and how? Do you have any thoughts? What media sources do you enjoy, think on this.  

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