Types of E Games for Indian Masses
Online games are the latest additions to the existing game scene in India. Digital games in India started with remote controls long ago, and increased computer availability has also helped offline games. Excessive piracy also contributes to the easy and inexpensive availability of game CDs. With so many high-tech mobile phones in the country, mobile phones are beginning to offer new shares to Indian online players. The immediate success of mobile games is considered to be India's great potential. to write: 1.1. Game based on the number of players Electronic games depend on the number of players. That is, single-player, multiplayer, large-scale multiplayer games, and large-scale multiplayer online role-playing games. In single player, the user plays against the computer. Multiplayer mode allows many players to play at the same time, depending on bandwidth and game type. Thousands of players can play large multiplayer online games at the same time, depending on the capacity of the server. Online multiplayer games are an extended version of MMOG. It doesn't depend on single player and continues regardless of whether the player leaves the game. 2. Based on participation Depending on the participation level, it can be divided into a random player and a main player. 3. Random player: Gamers in this genre play these games online for fun, for fun, or just to kill time. They don't take these games seriously and enjoy them the most. When I'm in the office, I play at short intervals of 15-20 minutes just to charge the battery. When they are in a cyber cafe, they play games to kill the rest of the session. 4. Main player or serious player: These types of players are obsessed with their online games, spending at least 4-6 hours a week, and most players play MMOGs and MMORPGs. There are several reasons why players in this genre play online. These are social players who generally have their own group of peers in the game. These types of players prefer multiplayer games to single player games. Unlike casual players, it's pretty hard to understand. Visit:- https://joker123.tv/ 5. Indian Manager: These are the factors driving the growth of the Indian online game market and can be broadly divided. 6. Consumer appeal Youth segment size: This segment boasts the largest number of users on the Internet and is leading the demand for games on platforms such as computers, mobile phones and game consoles. Age group of 17 to 24 years. These form the largest segment of India's active internet user base. They are the most technically savvy group, and most importantly, they are willing to try everything they come up with. Increasing broadband connections in Indian homes dramatically increases the use of online games and vice versa. The internet speed and bandwidth are much slower than dial-up connections, which improves the gaming experience. 7. Increased Entertainment Behavior: Entertainment appeals to Internet users of all ages and genders. As a genre, almost all active Internet users have access to entertainment-related applications such as movies, songs, and more. Online games add another dimension to the appetite of Indian users. Casual games can be used as another stage in the growing segment of tech-savvy women and children. 8. Mobile game growth: Mobile games are growing significantly in India, and mobile games are generally growing rapidly. Mobile games provide an excellent foundation for games. The development of Android-based mobile phones has brought online games into the hands of gamers, greatly improving the reputation of online games. For these reasons, the number of online players will increase significantly in online games.

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