Leverage by Commenting on Relevant Blogs
If you have an opinion that participating in a discussion or debate is your way of life, you can use that power by commenting on various related blogs. These powerful words ignite your website or blog in the crowded blogosphere, notice you as an active participant (no one likes boring guys), and as an expert in your domain. Increase your confidence in and provide you with additional links to reference back. In your domain. But we are paying attention. Using commentary can be difficult, slow, and frustrating at times. Therefore, homework is the best option (it comes from people who don't like the word homework). Let's look at the numbers: Blog Statistics-comScoreMediaMetrix (August 2008) o Total Internet viewers 188.9 million o Blog: 77.77 million unique visitors in the United States alone. o Facebook: 41.0 million Due to the large number of these, it is very important to know which blogs to select and search for, which blogs to comment on, and which blogs will be part of your SEO strategy. 1. Select the relevant blog For more detaile click here>>>>> http://www.lookyweed.com/ https://www.highweedspot.com/ You can start by choosing the relevant blog. Do not comment on blogs that know nothing about the topic and are not interested in the topic posted. Rather, choose a blog that is relevant to your knowledge and experience and can provide meaningful links if other readers want to know more about you or your work. Ask an honest question. Are the readers of this blog interested in what I have to say (and no, not everyone thinks you're an expert)? Do my comments add value to the topics discussed? By selecting relevant blogs and intelligently commenting on the topics being discussed, you can increase your credibility as someone who is passionate and interested in your domain. 2. Select the relevant blogger Who are the relevant bloggers? You can start from the date the blogger started blogging. You can do this by looking at the blogger's profile page. Blogging is a daunting task, and only enthusiastic people can survive, so if that person has been blogging for over a year, it's serious. Check the frequency of posting. Was the blogger consistent in his post? The best bloggers promise to blog at least 4-5 times a week. Readers want to know that new information will be available when they visit the blog today. Bloggers who fulfill their deadline promises are usually bloggers with a good readership base. Also, take the time to read the report. Is the blogger passionate about the topic he is talking about? Do bloggers have any knowledge about their domain? Are bloggers writing well? The best way to find out is to read 5-10 recent posts and dig deeper to read 5-10 old posts. In this way, you have ideas on how bloggers write, and how their writing style and knowledge grow over time. 3.3. Choose a good blog How do you decide if your blog stands out? You can locate your blog page on the Google Toolbar, or you can locate it on a blog search engine such as Technorati. Websites like Technorati also give blog ranks and permissions, so you spend valuable time commenting on blogs, so you need to make sure your blog is properly ranked. Noisy is good. I don't have time to read, find or comment on over 50 blogs. Choose 5-10 blogs that are of interest and well organized. 4. Check the comments Another thing you can check is the amount of comments left on your blog. Are the comments informative and informative, or comments such as "Thank you for your work", "Thank you for the information", or worse, "Look at me and ask for more information" are not useful. Useless comments for linking purposes that don't add value to an article or blog post won't work. Most bloggers are smart enough to understand such tactics and remove your links and comments. Bloggers like it even when readers make meaningful comments, praise their efforts, and make negative but legitimate comments. If you indicate a correction, please provide a credible reason and a reference to the comments. Good bloggers don't care what's wrong or fixed. In fact, they may be grateful for the correction, and they will run a correction blog with the mistakes they made and the person who pointed them out. An important note here! Make sure that bloggers respond positively and fairly to all comments. Stay away from the many stubborn bloggers they think they know everything about, but they don't give you valuable feedback anyway. Do bloggers leave external links in the comment field? If so, it's ok. Follow these links to see how commenters add value to your topic. It is important to understand the blogger's ideas and the rules he has set. After all, he is the master of his blog.

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