Passover: Bursting Through Your Enemies
You are about to experience the most amazing moment of your life. You won't forget this time. Never! Yes, we're going to Passover Festival week and the LORD will repeat conveyancers the same things he did in Egypt throughout your lives. God will break our physical, spiritual, emotional and financial slavery. He will take out our adversaries as well as their conspirators and gods. You've stayed long enough in this situation to be evident that it's gas boiler service near me only an incredibly powerful, divine decree similar to the Passover night that will stop your foes. Yes, God is God of patience, love and peace, but he is also God of war and vengeance. God also is God of mercy, and also God of judgment. He is a gracious God who forgives repentance but also punishes those who are recalcitrant. We decide which side we wish to experience through our actions and attitude. If he offers the carrot, and you refuse the offer or accept his word as if it were a given Then he offers the stick. He was adamant for Pharaoh as well as the Egyptians to let the Israelites to go, but they took advantage of the opportunities and misinterpreted his pleas as weak points. Israel was a long time in Egypt. They had spent around 400 years in Egypt in accordance with the commandment from the Lord to Abraham. After the time had come to an end, God gave Moses as well as Aaron to tell the King of Egypt to let his people go. "... I have certainly witnessed the suffering of My people in Egypt and have paid the cries of their people due to their masters, because I am aware of their struggles. So I've come down to free them from the wrath of the Egyptians and to take them out of that land to a spacious and good area, to a place that is awash with honey and milk and honey, in the land that is the home of Canaanite as well as the Hittite as well as the Amorite as well as the Perizzite, as well as The Hivite as well as the Jebusite. "Now, look, the cries of the children of Israel is heard by Me and I've witnessed the oppression that the Egyptians are inflicting upon them." Exodus 3:7-9. Wow! Did you even read this? My God! You've been in this shambles for a long time. It's enough. He has sat and watched them oppress and stifle you throughout the years. He claimed that he's witnessed your suffering and your tears, your struggles and pain, the wrath and cruelty of your adversaries and has heard your cries and is now ready to give you with a firm hand. Praise God! God is the only one who can save us! Egyptians weren't just the slave owners over Israelites but were taskmasters and destiny killers who wanted to hold the children of God in a perpetual state of servitude. The astonishing growth, multiplicity and prosperity was a cause of concern for the Egyptians. They were worried that the Israelites could outgrow them and eventually conquer their territory. Therefore, they took every step to protect the Israelites from being repressed and forced labour, slavery brutality, and even eradication. They appointed ruthless taskmasters to control labour and destroy the spirit and determination that was the hallmark of Hebrews. Pharaoh ordered the midwives to take the lives of the Hebrew newborn male babies however the LORD provided them with the courage to defy him. He also directed the Egyptians as well as their Israelites to throw the Hebrew newborn boys in the Nile and the Almighty managed the situation to save and prepare the deliveryer. This crocodile infested Nile which was supposed to serve as an appropriate grave for the newborn infants was transformed into a shield and a connection to the palace of one of the babies. God remains in complete control. He always uses the plans of the enemy to help us. Remember, the baby Moses was placed in a basket on the banks of the river. That was the place where the daughter of the King was able to see him and then adopted him. He was well-trained and armed at the palace to perform the job he was there for. He was able to master all the art of Egypt in order to speak up, stand in front of and challenge them. The Lord our God is a great of planning! He came to prepare you with the tools to fulfill your destiny and also what's about to happen within your own life. True. You are now completely free from the sway of the enemy. There is always a time for everything. This is your chance to enjoy liberty. This is your chance to escape. It's your moment of manifesting. It is the time to regain everything you've lost. This is your chance to relaxation from the endless struggle and pain. It is the time to be freed from the physical, spiritual and emotional sufferings and oppression by Satan demons, demons, and evil people and women. It is the time to allow God to show his power and power over you and through your situation. He will stop those who are attempting to sabotage you for not having a valid reason. It's time to put an end to the nighttime screams and rants. He's about to prove to your adversaries that he alone has the final say on everything. It is the right time to be saved. It is the time for your shame to be completely washed off and for your glory to be restored. With a firm hand, the LORD is about to deliver you. Your Passover is over! We'll continue. Please share this message.

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