California Tax Preparers In the Middle
By teaching fiscal students over the past year, I always made it a point to emphasize the difference between the Federal Act and the State of California when it came to Medical Marijuana. Done: The use of marijuana is illegal under federal legislation. Problem: The IRS has established that a dark provision of a federal law of 1982 prevents a marijuana recipes from qualifying for standard deductions than any other normal business can use. What this means is that a marijuana dispensing cannot use tax deductions for expenses or legally can use as a rent can be managed by business, advertising, marketing, web design, travel, legal expenses, product inventory or any other deduction. "All income, legally, must be reported. Visit:- Therefore, the IRS has recently been sent to tax invoices based on non-deductions. (I'm not sure how many notifications they are left). This, for many small owners of marijuana pharmacies, means "out of business, closed, bankruptcy"! " But, what really means that these small business owners thought they were safe from California law, which allowed dagga pharmacies for certain health services patients. And now that they are not safe, more likely that companies have a bookstore in a window in front of the store, with a secondary hall of "cash transactions" without trace of income except the books! And it is interesting, for the first time in the history of the country, the IRS has decided to draw more than 1.2 million tax drafters, using a $ 63 complaint and test requirements complied with at the end of 2013 For existing tax drafters and immediately for new tax drafters. In the past and even today, California tax drafters have reached the Business Code of CTEC (California Fiscal Education Council). Every year, October 31, All California tax drafters lose their right to prepare payment tax returns, unless they renew their registration by completing 20 hours of tax classes. Now, California tax preparers have two government agencies to inform. One says the California law must be confirmed and the other, the IRS, says the Federal Act must be confirmed. It puts California tax preparers in the middle. On a personal note it all reminds when I was a child. A father said one thing and the other father said another. I remember that a father who is alone with the program, to maintain peace at home, but the father he gave ended, brought me indirectly by going alone with the other father. (Get the picture?)

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