Real Estate – The Real Wealth
Two years ago, my mother had a little quarrel with her neighbor. Apparently my mother wanted to encourage this neighbor to stop drinking and smoking because these two activities were so detrimental to his health. This guy got hooked! He thought my mother was trying to undermine the credibility of his name by giving him that advice. "Why do you take me?" He expressed angry. "Do you think you are better than me? What do you spend your money on? Why not buy land and build a house to waste your money? "He unknowingly joked about my mother, but at the same time he was very angry. All other neighbors watching over laughed at the level of ignorance this drunk man showed. You see, I didn't know the true value and wealth of real estate. Visit:- For him, it was more valuable to spend money on debt than to buy fixed assets such as real estate. Property is true wealth. Most wealthy people around the world know that no matter what they invest in, the most important determinant of wealth lies in the size of their real estate. For example, McDonald's founder Ray Kroc, who is known worldwide for engaging in the most successful private industry, is actually engaged in the real estate industry. Today, McDonald's is the largest private real estate owner in the world, owning some of the most valuable intersections and street corners not only in the United States but in other parts of the world. What a wealth he doesn't have! For the rich, land and property are the proof or confirmation of their wealth. The wealth of rich real estate determines its value. Property is very important because it is the only form of earthly wealth that never loses its value. Real wealth lies in land and property. So it's not surprising that it's called "real estate." Most other wealth is not "real" wealth because it was destroyed by the depression and natural disasters. Whatever the economy, land never loses its value. The longer you own it, the more valuable it is. The price will increase even in difficult times. Property is a true asset that guarantees wealth for you and your future generations. Everything else easily disappears. With only one collision, expensive Mercedes-Benz cars lose their value. The rich know that if they own land, they dominate really great wealth. The rich are as rich as his real estate. Land has been used to measure royal wealth and blessings since memory. It is intelligence that chases the earth. Many people think that only very wealthy people build their homes. We recommend building a house for those who want to prosper. If you want to be a millionaire, say, "Build a house and don't stop building a project for the rest of your life." If you already have a private home, we recommend building another one. There are two groups in this world. The first group wisely collects this wealth by building houses and investing in real estate. This group is often unnoticeable. Other groups are wasting wealth and are actually enjoying it. Everyone is impressed by these people driving expensive cars, flying around the world and dressing in designer clothes. Over time, it's often a really rich homebuilder who can easily give any valuable project. However, "spoilers of wealth" that are willing to make sacrifices to rebuild are often devastated and devastated in life. Real estate and real estate are a type of investment. It values ​​value every day. It represents the accumulation of all your wealth. Money is not the most important factor in building a house. The secret to building a house is wisdom, practical wisdom. Are you a builder or a user? Builders lift and build things in their lifetime. Users simply enjoy facilities created by others. Users pay the builder to enjoy the work. Therefore, the user makes the builder rich, very rich. Don't build an apartment in your stomach! You may not die tomorrow, so there is more to life than eating, drinking, and having fun! Do you know that you can live for years and need the accumulated wealth of your best years? A wise man sacrifices himself to make something!

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