Media Planning Vs Media Buying
A media planner is like a writer who creates screens for movies. Media buyers are like actors who bring movies to life. A politician with a good message that cannot be voted loses the election. And a poorly executed good media idea could have been a bad idea. Sometimes execution is everything. The media plan may be great, but will it be implemented with the same enthusiasm? Is budget planning implemented in the right place, at the right time, with the greatest impact on communication, using the right media vehicle? Otherwise, the plan may not be so clear. Media planning, media purchases, and media sales are equivalent communication partners for managing ROI. Why are my purchases undervalued? I always wonder why media textbooks spend only a few pages on the arts and sciences of buying media and not many pages on selling media because all areas (planning, buying, selling) are equally important. Was there. Customers are probably most interested in the profitability of purchases negotiated on their behalf. It's possible for an agency to lose a customer due to poor media purchase performance, but I don't think you remember that an agency lost an account due to a media simulation model. Visit:- Perhaps some scholars believe that media planning is more conceptual, more creative, more research-oriented, and provides a better mood for the mind. However, these assumptions are not always the case. Buying media at its best requires a well-honed bargaining skill that can be a psychology course. Shopping also requires an understanding of communication processes that compete with media planning. Media buyers also need research knowledge to document how various media variables, such as commercials, affect the performance and effectiveness of their ads. It's ironic that so many customers have the opposite belief that shopping is more important than planning. After all, this is where the rubber falls on the road and the dollar is spent. In the 21st century, media buyers are not only responsible for buying TRPS or clicks at the lowest possible price, but many experts say they need to be taught to "buy communication, not TRPS." I have. Do you want to buy communication? “? Program participation, attention level, contextual considerations, business position, and many other factors have a greater impact on communication efficiency than media weight and CPM. TRPS is not TRPS. .. Where is the job Students interested in an advertising career should study the arts and sciences of media purchasing. Media purchases are an important part of your business, and employment is more than just a job plan. Students also need to be attractive in the 21st century. Differences to help them find jobs in all areas of competition. Unless you plan to work for a mega-agency, where do students learn about media purchasing, such as bargaining strategies, program participation roles, positioning issues, and context, if not in the classroom?

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