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I've been blogging for over a year, I write and post new blogs every other day. You may suffer a bit from the author's block, but you'll rarely find that you can consistently develop your own content by following these seven ideas. There are a lot of blogs that resist explaining about "quality" content, but I haven't read the definition of "quality" content that I haven't defined as it should be "quality" content. .. What quality content is for one person is completely useless for another. For me, this phrase is nothing more than accurate spelling, good grammar, good punctuation, and fluent methods. My business is in an independent niche. Rewriting is an easy niche, as most life skills can be associated with it. The way I work with my blog is briefly summarized in the next seven lines that I found to be primarily instinctual. 1) I'm writing a letter to one person, but while making it my goal, I can't write an interesting article that thousands of people are interested in. Abraham Lincoln said it best in his statement: "You can sometimes, but not always, please some people." So I haven't tried it. For example, my last blog post this morning was about the eruption of a volcano on Mayon Volcano in the Philippines. I spent 1970-1973 in the island nation, and the ship I was stationed in in the Navy was called Subic Bay Port. This blog was written to commemorate a boy about 10 years old who was driving a buffalo along the road. He didn't have clothes, of course very poor, I think he is 50 years old today. I will do my best to speak to the trials and hardships of his journey of life, compassion is a very important part of my writing. He is the most important part of the blog. There are thousands of people like him all over the world. In my opinion, they are all related to blogging. They are on the internet today. They are important. I try to reply to all comments as soon as possible. This is also important. For more detail please visit:- DefSounds Sleep Aid Factory https://socalexecutivecarservices.com/ https://toppakou.com/info1/ 2) I choose a word to build from there and read it all day long. In the process of reading, there are many topics that many people are interested in. Each topic is made up of words, and in some cases thousands of words. Choose one of thousands of words and practice mental language relationships while lying in bed (while in a forbidden place, without getting up, without staying in bed) increase. Think of all the words I can relate to. Every word could be the main word of my keyword, or perhaps part of my keyword phrase. In the process of thinking, other blog ideas come to mind, but sometimes the blog you want to write is behind you to create a blog idea related to the word you feel you need to write first. I don't use multiple words at once to form an idea. I'm not a multitasker. Most of my niche includes "houses", so if you have to choose the word "ice cream", you can write a lot of blogs before that happens. Combining key phrases creates other blogging opportunities. For example, you can start a blog series with a blog on how to make a new cow pasture with the keyword "make homemade ice cream from scratch". This will be a blog. Some words are easier than others. For example, weather disasters are virtually self-written, but other words like salamander DNA require a lot of research and research for me. Almost every word works, but it depends on your knowledge of the topic and your willingness to study it. This is the decisive factor. I have found that people are interested in everything. If in doubt, look again at the keywords you use to find something on the internet. Millions of sites can be listed. 3) I don't pay attention to the number of words, this is not what I do, I like to write, read, and think about people and general life, so I'm into this is. I wrote some blogs in 800 words, maybe one or two, more than I remember. I write a lot of blogs with more than 2,000 words, but most of them are series of 1200 to 1800 words, but the number of words is not fixed and I do not care until the end. By allowing the number of words to dominate my writing, I find myself unhappy. You can turn it into a horrifying article by writing a mediocre blog and forcing the words you find. Turn it into a great blog. In the same mediocre way. I never think the opposite is true. Write until you finish writing about the topic. Coerced words are obviously coerced in the same way. This is a bit like playing music (I play the guitar). For example, if you write music on a "C" scale and end it with the "F" string, it sounds like this:

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