Adventures in North Florida
North Florida is a very different region from South Florida. For those who want a more authentic Florida experience with less crowds, more small towns, and more space, this is the place! First day Wisla Coochie Park in Dade City is a fascinating landscape. As part of the Swamp Wilderness Green Reserve, the park has a nature trail, picnic area, playground, fishing, canoeing, bird watching and quaint wood carving. Cross the bridge and you'll see a crocodile swimming! We continued bird watching, but only saw vultures, ducks and geese. The oak and Spanish moss were beautiful! I tried to visit Dade City Depot, but it was closed. The trucks of the 50's were full of families and citrus fruits, and the old trucks enjoyed looking out with the driver. Brooksville, Hernando County is another city on Florida Main Street in the United States. It was Florida's outstanding rural community in 2000. We explored the 5 buildings of Rogers' Christmas store! The bedroom is decorated to show the living room in a holiday setting. The decoration is available for all tastes and budgets. It was fun to explore the decorations! Visit:- Dragon City Guide We come up with the idea of ​​Christmas dance in our heads. There are many old houses and shops in the city. I ate at Main Street Eatery. There was the best Cajun burger bean soup! The service and atmosphere was comfortable. Our meal was half of Mary Jo's sandwich, Greg's Cuba, and two iced teas. The pre-fee cost was $ 19. With six hills, which is the longest-lived archaeological site of the pre-Columbian indigenous people? If Crystal River answers, you're right! The population was probably as high as 7,500. Today, Native American history is highlighted in the visitor center, along with timelines, toolscreens and dioramas. Garbage piles (heaps of abandoned household items), burial mounds, and sacrificial ceremonial stones help to better understand the lifestyle that began around 500 BC. This site was in use until around 1300 AD. Why did they build here? This is one of the mysteries of history. The excavation was started by Clarence Moore in 1903. Ranger tours and programs are available. Visitors can also fish in the sea and see birds. Part of the Great Florida Birding Trail. If you are planning a picnic, leave another 45 minutes. Admission is only $ 3 per car. The park is at the exit of the trail. 19 near the city of Crystal River. Florida State Parks is one of the best parks in the United States. We enjoyed our visit! The train exhibit surprises us along the route. 98, near the Gulf Hammock in Levy County. Recall the Patterson-McKinnis Railroad in the early 1900s and parts of the Patterson-Makkinis Sawmill in the region. The engine often pulls 30 or 40 cars full of stumps. Logging was Florida's main industry. A small stream just behind provides shade and a quiet moment. This is an example of a surprise ahead when driving on the back road. Another surprise was the scene of giant sea creatures in front of lawns and commercial decoration stores. Large sharks, crabs and fish are floating in the air or climbing fences. Opposite the street was a lighthouse representing the church. Supper at BBQ Bills in Chiefland, the end of the day is approaching. MaryJo couldn't resist the monster plate, a delicious combination of chicken, ribs, beef and pork. The leftovers provided a picnic lunch the next day! Greg loves Porterhouse steaks, which are also delicious. Greg liked the spicy ones, but the three sauces were delicious. The meal was over with two refilled soft drinks. Our waitress was cheerful and efficient. The total was $ 34 before the fee.

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