Technologies That Change People’s Lives
What comes to mind when we say technology? Some of us will say mobile phones, some of us will talk about computers, and some of us will talk about newly released televisions. In fact, it is the general name of the tools that touch human life in the era of technology and that help to do the work that needs to be done more easily and comfortably than the previous systems. To give an example, the wheel is a great technology for its era. Before the invention of the wheel, people were able to carry as much load as the pack animals could carry, but thanks to the cars they built with the invention of the wheel, they carried more than 34 pack animals could carry thanks to a single animal. So, what are the technologies that change people's lives, let's examine the main ones together. Telephone “Mr. Watson Come Here I Want to See You, the world actually changed with this sentence. Graham Bell first coined this phrase when he invented the telephone. With the invention of the telephone, the world began to shrink rapidly. This technology, which makes the distances close, is a real revolution for the scientific world. Computer Until the late 1800s, the word was an adjective used for people who added and subtracted numbers and entered tables all day. The Difference Engine, seen as the ancestor of the modern computer, could be considered a mechanical computer that worked closest to the modern computer system. Since then, it has been a part of us that has become digital and directly affects every aspect of life, from health to social life, from trade to art. MRI Device MRI, whose Turkish name is Magnetic Resonance Imaging, provides three-dimensional imaging of the human body without the use of harmful dyes or radiation. Developed based on the logic of the nuclear magnetic resonance imaging system discovered in the 1930s, MRI works based on the reaction of hydrogen atoms with energy from magnets. The MRI device, which has saved the lives of billions of patients from cancer to fractures, is a great gift left to humanity with its invention. Radio Even though the radio as we all know was invented by the Italian Marconi in 1898, the telephone we use today is the ancestor of the wireless internet. It paved the way for wireless communication and universalized communication. Car Although there were experiments with steam engines in the second half of the 1700s, it all started with the invention of the internal combustion engine in 1880. In 1887, a German named Gottlieb Daimler brought the modern car to the road. But until the Model T, which was introduced by Henry Ford in 1908, cars were seen as rich toys that only a certain group could drive and not everyone had a chance against horse-drawn carriages. Nuclear energy The most dangerous, but also the most useful item on our list. Found by chance in 1896 by Henri Becquerel, nuclear energy is used in many fields, from electricity generation to power generation for huge ships and submarines. At the same time, the possibility of making the biggest killer of humanity, such as a nuclear bomb, is one of the most discussed issues because of the possibility of radiation poisoning to cause mass deaths in accidents that may occur in nuclear power plants. Internet The internet, whose foundations were laid in the laboratories of British, French and American scientists in the 1950s, has taken its closest form to what we know as ARPANET, the network sharing supported by the US Department of Defense. ARPANET, the first network to use the Internet Protocol (IP), is considered the ancestor of the Internet.   Smart phone Actually, it could have been in the category of phone, but it has been such a turning point for humanity that it has found a place in the list because it can change all habits from computer use to internet use. Considering that the first smartphone was invented and released in 1994, it may be thought to have a very old history. Smart phones, which were only used by professionals for close to 15 years when they first appeared on the market, did not become effective in the market until 29 June 2007. With the introduction of the first iPhone phones, the world of communication literally revolutionized. While many brands that had taken the world by storm until that day disappeared, the new trend's own brands were being born. The latest and still developing technology of our smartphone list that reshapes all our habits.

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