Is It Time to Venture Outdoors?
After weeks of lockdowns and social isolation it's fair to declare that there are many diverse reactions to the easing of restrictions. Now that it's coming time to go outside some people can hardly wait for the opportunity to get out and circulate, catch up with their family and friends or visit their old haunts, the bars and eateries and enjoy live music and some leisurely shopping. They may have a job or business that has to be focused on and brought back up to level. There's pressure to begin business in the post-corona world in the quickest and most efficient manner feasible from the beginning. But what will that be like? Are shoppers enticed back to a high street initially filled with restrictions of one-way systems, queuing to get in, not browsing, or trying things on? For more detail please visit:- Naturally, many are wary. They're nervous that the virus isn't gone but hasn't yet completed its course or is waiting for it to resurface. They might feel vulnerable and uncertain as to whether it's safe to go back to workor visit locations. Online shopping has become an everyday thing for many Many of them keep using it believing it's safer. is a good way to reduce the time spent travelling and also avoid the temptation to fritter money on random purchases at the store. Some will be laid off from their job or company, or only able to return to work part-time and need to quickly discover a new way that will allow them to be able to work. Do they start the business of their dreams, or search for another job? What's the most effective way to proceed? What is the best way to begin to go outside after having so long of being in the indoors, isolated from our normal lives, trapped with lockdown and isolation? Many of us go out in the fresh air with a new set of priorities. We will be more grateful of our health, family members and acquaintances, and less inclined to go back to long hours and traveling for miles. We might not be so focused on money and status. Leaving our homes will be more about reconnecting with our relationships by spending time with friends and family, taking in nature, and valuing clean air, less congestion, and a more relaxed speed of living. A survey for 2020, commissioned by the bottle water company Evian, found that 70 percent of Britons expressed a desire to live a more sustainable lifestyle as a consequence of lockdown. They were also more aware of their footprint on the environment. They wanted to avoid flying and cut down on their carbon footprint and produce less waste, spend more time working from home and be respectful in their behaviour. - Consequently, many people are likely to keep their lockdown finds baking, or spending longer outdoors, but buying their daily food online. Online shopping has been a convenient way of shopping for regular purchases. Some will have found excellent suppliers of goods and services and an efficient method to organize their time. - Outdoor walks and biking rides are becoming increasingly popular or shared by families, or enjoyed alone for a break. Local nature trails and beauty spots near their homes is an unanticipated treat, and many plan on maintaining their fitness with regular fitness in the outdoors and scheduled personal time. Over 50 percent of UK customers have expressed a heightened awareness of the need to shop locally, and to support local farmers, traders and artisans following a devastating year. Numerous independent bars cafés, restaurants, salons and traders have been unable to work or had to alter their offerings, which could threaten their continued existence. Customers must return to the streets, or they could end up being abandoned ghost towns. From a perspective of work, it's time to strike the right balance between working and running a business online and the requirement for more intimate face-to-face interaction. Virtual meetings and social networking through zoom or skpe have their place, but are exhausting when done too frequently, have no eye contact or personal connection and require high levels of concentration in the event that a number of people participate. They obstruct spontaneity and limit the opportunity for individual relationships to be built. A home office from home can be beneficial for specific tasks, freeing people to work from home while allowing them to take care of other areas of their lives. It also helps meet the requirements of staff and business when everyone settles into their new routine. Meetings, trainings, and seminars can eventually be arranged in co-working areas and hotels, or in a relaxed setting over a coffee or lunch. Home-based work for a few, if not all work-related requirements could well be the way forward. As people return to work after a furlough, there won't be enough time to work at full-time. A part-time arrangement might not be a good reason to travel to work, with all the security and social-distancing concerns. Some tasks might be cut back to a minimum and eliminated to a minimum. Many businesses have found that moving to the internet extremely profitable, some rely on personal engagement and presence; hospitality, salons, hairdressing, and concerts are some of the examples. And of those businesses who have successfully adjusted to the duration of the epidemic, such as online delivery or coaching services, they could be faced with the dilemma that, as demand shifts, they need to revise their staffing levels as well as supply chains. Staff who are furloughed could never return to where they left off according to various estimates, up to 10 million employees could lose their jobs post-corona. Now that it's time to get outside it will initially require that we stay alert and be aware of the long recuperation time to come. Being patient, sensitive, and taking one day at a time are important in managing the first stages of this new age. Susan Leigh, counsellor, relationship counsellor, hypnotherapist writer and media contributor provides help with relationship issues including confidence, assertiveness, and stress management confidence. She works with individuals or couples, and also gives training for corporate clients and provides support. She's author of 3 books: 'Dealing Stress, Managing its Impact", '101 days of Inspiration #tipoftheday' and "Dealing with Death and Coping with The Pain'. All of them are available on Amazon and featuring easy to understand sections, helpful tips and ideas to help you get more confident about your life.

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