How to Advertise Blog With These 4 Blog Comment Strategies
No matter you are a new or experienced blogger, as long as you are in blogging business, you may, in certain circumstances, recognize that posting comments on other people's blog has an enormous positive impact on marketing your blog. But it doesn't mean that you should leave a comment on every blog that you read. Finding the right blog to share your comment is a technique you will be able to learn. Here are four strategies for posting comment to other people's blog. Is this blog popular? If you're commenting on a your blog, which only has the occasional visitor per day, you cannot expect that a flurry of traffic will flow through your blog. Because the number of people who read the blog is less and it could also suggest that only a small percentage of readers will see your comment and go to your site. If you are looking to advertise you blog by commenting other blogs, try to find those blogs that are equally or even more well-known than your blog. It is possible to use the page rank of the blog as a guide to determine how important this blog page is. Visit:- The blog is of the same curiosity to the blog that you There's really no benefit in posting a comment on your blog that isn't directly related with your site. While a direct link is not essential, it is more preferred. For instance, if have a blog that talks about computer software, you should not limit your commenting to a specific blogposts that talk about the same topic. Commenting on blogs discussing programming languages, which are used to write the software, or on other people's experiences with that software, are also an excellent starting point to marketing your blog. A good way to judge the quality of a blog is to look at the blog's description. If the blogger is lazy enough of not offering this kind of information, then read their blog and see if they are targeting the similar keywords to yours by counting how many times a particular keyword was mentioned. Opportunity of Reciprocity When you begin blogging, what you focus on is the content of your blog. Then, you can invite other bloggers take note of your action. If you're the first to be approached by another blogger, chances are that they'd like you to post a post a comment on their blog as you've got quality content on your blog. If you want to reverse the process, try to trace the comment of your blog Find out what website other blogger left to your blog. Visit their website and see if they have any links exchange opportunities to be found. Find Blogs that are Targeting Similar Market When you are advertising your blog through posting comments, you're not limited to posting on blog that has similar topic like yours. With detail research and planning it is possible to increase traffic through commenting on blogs that are attracting different visitors. For instance, if are a dance blogger and you discover that there is a food blog that has significant traffic, you can consider posting comment on it. At first, it seems that there isn't any connection between them. However, both blogs are targeting the same age segment of people. Moreover, those two blogs could be targeting the similar geographical areas! If you're able to discover a connection between your primary markets it is possible to discover a great link exchange opportunity. It is also possible to do it by commenting on their blog, with your blog link in the comment. Making this happen requires precision and careful planning. The important thing to remember is that you must discover a common interest that you and your blog partner share. You'll be able to identify one by focusing on your market. Returning to the dance blog and food blog example, considering that their respective target markets are teens, the method for blog comments is making a post on a dance blog about the best food choices for dancers who might compete. Also, posting a comment on a food blog that, how dancers could benefit by eating certain foods. Well, when there are times when you'd like to just respond to a blog post making a comment without thinking about any blog advertisement issue, it's totally acceptable. Even if you don't get any real benefit immediately on in the short period of time, constantly releasing your ideas will, to a certain ways, help you gain reputation over time.

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