Your Story to Show Up in Google News
Before we talk about ways to put your company's story published in Google news, we ought to discuss the reasons. It's obvious, of course, that you would like to see your business story in the news. But why Google news? The first step is to determine if your company is trying to boost its visibility in organic Google web search , or Google shopping and shopping, these simple steps will increase the your company will be featured in a location where competitors aren't in a position to follow you. As you're already writing articles, you might also get more than one benefit from these. You could create one time, and earn money in a variety of ways. Visit:- Google News is a reliable and repeatable source of traffic, and they will usually show up faster than you wait for Google organic search results to show up. Second, reading news is among the top reasons that people go to the internet on a daily basis. The majority of Americans over the age of 18 are online, According to Pew Internet Research. 78% of those people who visit the web have come to read the latest news. We used to go through the paper. Nowadays, we surf news sites, headlines we find in Twitter or Facebook and sign up by email to industry news. Because the primary reason that most people go on the internet is to search for search engines such as Google and Yahoo, you might be tempted to simply target Google natural search, and get finished with the task. Consider this: if you could find ways to draw more customers' attention to your message generally much faster than your desired keyword ranking would the additional leads and sales be worth the effort? What is the Story Behind Your Business? End Up in Google News Results? There are three methods to consider. The first option is by having an official press release that is accepted by one of the 50,000 publishers sharing their 6 billion per month clicks Google News reserves exclusively for their users. (That doesn't include additional Organic search-related traffic.) For a small fee there are numerous press release distribution services which can do this for you, ranging between $25 and $200 per time. You can also often find smaller magazines that will accept free or low cost press releases. If you were to do this every day it could lead to quite a bit of money. It's not an ideal method to try the market with and repeat at least once per week. There's an easier, faster way. My favorite way to get accepted for publication in Google news is to have my article accepted by a newspaper that is already on Google News. They are commonly known as Google news publishers. It doesn't take an expert in marketing to appreciate the benefits of being published in a well-known publication with an e-mail address that links back to your site, versus the amount you'd have to pay for advertisements to get the same level of exposure. It's a bit more difficult to be accepted into Google News this way because you'll need to be approved by an editorial team in order to be published. Some publications may require exclusive first-time rights to the content you write or create. If you're not a journalist or don't have someone working for full time to write your original content, that can be a hurdle. Acceptance of your offer is not guaranteed. This could be seen as a problem, or embrace the possibility that it could make it more difficult for competitors to copy your strategy and take your thunder. You might think "but who wants to read a story about my timeshare or the pet furniture manufacturer." And you'd be right - they don't. It's crucial for you to know what people you wish to see on your site are looking for and write about within the subject directly related to your product service. This is applicable to all industries It's true that Google News publisher sites focus on everything from business travel to the health of pets. If your area of expertise is so tiny that you're unable to pinpoint this, don't worry, because there's plenty of publications that are publishing about the locality of your area. To overcome this, you'd simply need to localize the story. But take note that these articles could still show up in online or news searches using the keyword you've chosen. If that's not enough then, there's a second option. It's possible to go through a lot of attempts and can cost quite a amount of money. But there's an alternative to get into Google News that, if you succeed, can bring benefits for many long time to come. Create a news website by yourself, and then get it approved by Google News. Brand journalism is an increasing trend. So why not take advantage of the trend and become not make news rather, be the media? If this doesn't convince you, then what's the best way to get a share of the 6 billion+ visits set aside for Google news outlets? Every website won't get the same amount of exposure. However, the potential of 40,000 to 120,000 extra visitors every month is reason enough to take the risk in the event that you meet all other requirements. The Google News publisher guidelines are extremely strict and often sites are rejected, making this an excellent strategy to plan for the future term. Therefore, run the numbers for your company and decide whether the ROI is worthwhile. If you aren't, you can try the other methods. They will help you get into the Google news database, often quicker than you can obtain results from SEO for your own site.  

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