In These Present Times How Worried Should We Be?
Take a look at Matthew chapter 6 from verses 24-34. In the past few weeks, the interviewers' most frequently asked question has been "How concerned are you?" In the beginning of Chapter 6 - a passage from "The Sermon on The Mount" The Sermon on the Mount is what Jesus has been talking about - giving verses 1 through 4 - praying verses 5-14 and fasting verses 16-18. "Secret" is mentioned in all of these actions. There is a God who sees and hears. Jesus clarifies this. God knows when we are serious about trade with him. The ones who performed all this for the sake of being seen already been rewarded in full. There is a God who watches and listens , and then notices and responds. For more detail please visit:- If we gather to pray and worship - is it something that only a handful of people practice across the world today that many think is irrelevant? God desires our heart, our affection and our minds and wants to hear our voices. It looks like it's going to be a dark winter, but it doesn't have to be for you. Jesus talks about keeping things in order - then our vision and service and who we will serve either God or money. A better term is "possessions". Jesus creates contrasts. We can keep treasures in heaven or here Our vision could be clear or obscured - we could choose to be a servant of God or Mammon. What we choose to do will affect the future, whether we're conscious about it, or not. Jesus did not want his disciples to be financially insolvent when the whole thing was over here. And we can take that advice to our own lives. The key is to invest is investing time, money, capability and anything else we can invest. Jesus would like His followers to make wise choices. The man who started it is Thomas Chalmers who started The Savings Bank movement in Glasgow to help the poor have money to use when they need it. Take note of the way Jesus declares that we are not meant to save to ourselves! In a way, Jesus is talking about coveting. Are we willing to give things to them, or do they hold a grip on us? Verse 22 - our view of imagery something to do with light and lamps is in line with our perception. Sin can cause cataracts which makes our spiritual vision a little more dim. Jesus did not wish for His followers to see their vision clouded. What is our spiritual vision? If there's something amiss in our spiritual vision, Jesus is able to fix us. There are two treasures to be found - two visions, two masters. What we pay attention to is crucial. Verse 24: Who has captured your heart? Jesus doesn't want just only a tiny fraction of our time or abilities - or our enthusiasm or our piety. He is looking for everything. He decided to purchase the entire lot to save and buy everything - every piece of me. Jesus will bless all aspects of our lives. this is the reason we can't truly serve God and our possessions. We could try to serve the world of materialism, the master of success - the master slave of success. We are able to serve all sorts of things, including opinions of others and what other people think of us. All of these are possessions in a way and we are able to serve them . Jesus declares that it isn't going to be done. It's not a surprise that Jesus speaks about these issues of the heart right in the beginning in His mission. Matthew 22 Verse 34-39 - God is your Lord. God. This is about our hearts - Jesus would like us to be different from the inside, in our hearts. What is the master? Who owns you? There was no way to have two masters back then and you can't have two masters in the present. So based on the things I've been talking about giving and praying and fasting, don't worry about it - just be different. He doesn't say do not worry, or have you thought about looking at your life in a different way? It's an orderly word - as well as a word of comfort , a word that is used to strengthen and protect. Verse 25 Verse 25 Jesus tells His disciples "Do not be worried". Jesus does not teach His followers to not worry or to be indifferent But He is instructing them to not worry. The birds must go to find food. Don't let your life be controlled, destroyed or damaged by anxiety and anxiety. Jesus explains why. Jesus is instructing his disciples on anxiety. Six times in this brief passage, Jesus refers to being concerned or anxious. Worry is derived from an old English word that means to choke or strangle. Jesus is challenging his disciples about our pride , our faithlessness and the ways we are easily distracted. This isn't a pleasant psychological message. This isn't some sugary and honey-coated teaching. He challenges our faith and pride, as well as the notion of independence. Jesus gives us the way - and the way to live it - to enable us to be successful followers. The things listed here are significant, but aren't the most important. "Therefore" is because of the things I've been saying Let this be the next step. Clothing, food and drinks are essential, but they aren't the most important. All of this is derived from the master we decide to serve. He comforts His disciples while He walks alongside them to help them strengthen, and us, to help heal the world to be touched by His disciples. We live in a world where people are constantly worried, anxious and over-occupied. The seed may grow however, thorns and thistles could be a threat to the seeds and make them choke - worry and stress and deceitfulness of wealth. Jesus did not wish for His followers to be as thorns and thistles. This was not what Jesus' light was going to look like. The disciples were distinct. Matthew 13, and Matthew 5. These issues can cause to worry and stress for many, but they don't matter the most in your life. Jesus provides three reasons why we shouldn't worry. Jesus offers a solution to anxiety as Jesus demonstrates how important our lives have to God. Consider the importance you have to God the Father. God is aware of what you require and can provide. The bird feeds him, and dresses the flowers. He takes care of his pets as well as his garden. Our worry is that - I don't really believe that God can take care of me in these various ways. Peace, calm and poise are all at stake when we consider these words from Jesus. Many people are worried. Take a look at the Cross If you're looking to know what you are to God. He changes our priorities. isn't life as important to us than eating - and is the body more important than clothes? We get caught up in things that aren't significant. Jesus would like us to have an understanding of what is most important to Him - His kingship and His rule of governance as demonstrated. He's so real. Stress can do more harm than positive. He wants to establish an everyday trust. Give us the food we require to last for all of the coming days. There is nothing you can do about tomorrow , anyway. To summarize to sum up Jesus is teaching us about - an answer to anxiety changed priorities, a new perspective on life to be cultivated in Jesus's mind of his followers So, don't worry. Don't be worried about the future - don't think about tomorrow because it can cause anxiety and stifle your day. The sermons we hear point at the preacher. Jesus was a man who rely on the Father. Jesus knew his worth before God the Father. "Do not be concerned about your lifestyle - the food you'll eat as well as about the shape of your body, and what you'll wear it." These words are said to the disciples. They are meant for us. Jesus is telling us to follow Him and I will assist you in avoiding any worry. Wealth can be as much an issue for those who have lots of money as people who don't have a lot. People who have lots and those with little tend to be worried. Jesus is telling us to "Don't worry , but rather believe." Life is not just about clothing and food. It is much more than material and physical. Clothing and food should not be the primary concern. The spiritual aspect that should not be ignored and, in fact, needs to be properly fed. Jesus is urging His followers to take care of their spiritual growth and growth and well-being. Take a look at the ravens. they do not have a lot of work. They do not sow or harvest and they simply accept their spot in the economic system of Creation - and GOD provides them with food. "How you are more valuable are than the birds!" Jesus is warning his disciples about the futility of worry. Are you doing anything worthwhile through being worried about it? Are you able to prolong your life by being worried about it? Not really - in fact, the reverse is true. You will reduce the length of your life by being concerned about it. Jesus is telling us that worrying is a waste of time and will wear you down and do nothing but harm. Jesus would like to save us from worry - to release us and free us from stress. Then He says to us : take a look at the flowers, they're beautifully dressed but they're only temporary. It is God who dresses them with all the splendour they deserve. Do you believe that our Heavenly Father will be more careful of His garden, His animals and pets , without regard to His children? No. No. Jesus shows us that worry is simply caused by an insufficient faith. Worry is an option. Believe in God Be dependent on God - trust Him and believe in Him and trust Him to take care of you. Don't be too concerned about what you're going to eat, drink or wear. The world of pagans is awash with everything. If you truly need something, inquire with DAD. Your Heavenly FATHER knows you require food and clothing! Wonderful! Pay attention to Paul on Philippians Chapter 4 - Don't worry about nothing - pray about everything - thank God for everything - Focus your attention on positive things and be content. They produce quiet thoughts and a mind at peace - a guarantee from God. "Do not be scared because I have saved you. I've been calling you by your name You are Mine. If you venture through the water, I'll be there with you. You will never be buried beneath the waves. If the threat of loneliness is in the air, Remember, I'm with you. "Do not be scared because I have saved you. I've called you by your name . you are mine." Sandy Shaw is Pastor of Nairn Christian Fellowship, Chaplain at Inverness Prison, and Nairn Academy as well as a member of The Children's Panel in Scotland and has traveled extensively in the past few years, teaching, and speaking across America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, making 12 trips to Israel organizing pilgrimages and tours and, most recently, in Uganda and Kenya serving in Pastors and Leaders' Seminars, in the areas of poverty around Kampala, Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu.

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