Conventional Or Alternative Medicine – What Is The Difference?
In all honesty, there is nothing better than conventional medical practices when it comes to emergencies, surgeries and trauma. For everything else alternatives or natural remedies is far more effective particularly for chronic illness which conventional medicine is in no way able to treat or treat or. Since more than 10,000 years, natural treatments have been utilized in place of conventional medical treatments, whereas conventional therapy is about 100 years old. They merit the respect they have received from the public because they provide healing techniques and benefits that have been proven by reliable reviewed research. Visit:- Modern medicine actually inhibits and degrades the healing mechanism because it is unbalanced in the human organism and its systems, particularly the immune system. The use and misuse of antibiotics by professional practitioners has increased substantially over years. As the liberal use of drugs increases at the same time ignoring its importance of diet, exercise supplementation and lifestyle changes. This may solve many minor health problems without the use of drugs or medications. However, this kind of treatment, which has no consequences of any unwanted side effects is most of times ignored and never addressed by medical professions or doctors. The world health organization estimates that 70 per cent of the world's population rely on alternative medical practices for treatment, prevention and treat diseases. Some parts of the western world there are closed-minded medical organizations, they damage and dilute the entire natural health profession. Are we completely wrong? Shouldn't we have specific courses at universities and medical - schools offering elective classes in alternative and complementary medicine and incorporate it into required courses? It could have been due to the interest, enthusiasm and reason of medical professions, scientists, researchers and politicians. It is understandable that when it involves money and profits, this is not easy applied. Pharmaceutical companies will lose the trillion - dollar industry it has enjoyed for decades and it is unlikely to happen anytime in the near future. When conventional medicine came into being, it was the deliberate effort of the medical profession to discredit what became labelled "ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE". It is the public's disillusionment with medical science and its inability to treat a variety of diseases, in addition to the horrible side-effects of any treatment that is offered, which has led to the increase in the demand for alternative and complementary therapies. It's time the medical profession starts to educate rather than just to treat. Drug therapy is focused more on controlling symptoms; however, it does not fix the core problem where the illness originates in the first place. Mother nature is able to improve her skills! The power of nature was repairing her creatures long before man decided he could do it better. We also must acknowledge that nature is the way better at healing than physicians and their drugs. The alternative therapies work to treat the entire person, recognizing and stimulating the body's natural system to treat the root cause of disease. There are many discoveries in nature that have the power to help heal every illness known to humankind. It's about taking control of your health because no one else will be able to do it for you. Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death in America as well as many other western world countries. Based on the China Study, rural Chinese women have five times lower chance of dying from the disease than American and western world counterparts. It is well documented that Chinese women and men can avoid terrifying diseases that kill over 1 million Americans and plus many more of western countries. What are they aware of that we do not know? Traditional medicines have succeeded over thousands of years and now modern science can show that many of the diseases that western medicine is unable to treat can be treated naturally using the power of nature. For example... the heart condition is the most fatal killer in America with a death rate of more than 700,000 annually. But, according to research from the China study and a survey conducted, over the course of three years not one person died under 64 years of age from heart disease from 500, 000 men and women living in two regions of China. Why is itthat when it comes to sickness and diseases that the Chinese often have lower risks and higher success in healing without the need for prescription drugs than western countries with conventional medicine? When you provide your body with the correct nutrients, vitamins, minerals etc. the body will be equipped to repair itself, not just that, it will also protect itself against disease.  

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