Are You Making a Mistake of Not Keeping a Personal Journal?
Have you been trying to realize your goals? Are you feeling like you're not making enough progress toward your goal? Perhaps you've just started the journey to reach your goals. Let me ask you a question. Do you have a private journal? If you don't own an individual journal, I guarantee you lots of trouble on your path to success. Having a personal journal is the key in achieving success. Don't make the mistake that you don't keep a journal. We tend to think that we have all the information that we need to remember within our heads. Particularly if you've got a excellent memory, or think you've got a decent memory! We often find it difficult to take notes of things. I tell you, this can be fatal! I have yet to meet anyone who was successful who did not keep a personal journal. It's not just an absolute requirement to have some sort of personal journal, it is even more important to carry it always with you. Visit:- As we have seen earlier that your path to success begins with understanding yourself. Initially you undergo the self-discovery process, in which you attempt to understand yourself better. Start with the six key questions. You must record the questions and the answers. On the way, you'll conduct self-analysis in the process of being aware of your strengths. In this case, you'll be making projections and later discovering whether your projections turned out correct or not. Here also you will have to document your projections, to ensure that you are able to check the accuracy later on. It is impossible that that you can track this process in your mind. It is not humanly possible. Both of the steps above are involving a huge amount of data that can't be stored or properly analyzed purely in your mind. A lot of times, you'll be tempted to store it in your mind , but not even write it down. Because you could have a exceptionally good memory. It's not a problem for your memory. Even if you've got an amazing memory, you cannot effectively store all of the data and evaluate it effectively. The next key is that you carry this journal throughout the day. Why? The majority of the brilliant thoughts and insights appear to be coming from the completely out of the blue. It happens at the time you're least ready. Always ready. It is important to keep your journal around with you throughout the day. Form a habit of jotting down every new thought that occurs to you. Even if it appears to be the most ridiculous idea in the world at that moment. It is the mark of people who have succeeded. All of them had journals and kept it with them all the time. They used it to write down spontaneous innovative ideas. Another activity that you will soon begin to undertake on your way to success is setting goals. We'll discuss goal setting in-depth in later articles. However, it's a different vital activity to be completed when you wish to succeed at any goal in your life. And goals have to be documented and tracked. Be very disciplined about regularly recording your goals and keeping track of your performance. You'll be making adjustments to your goals as you go. Go get yourself a diary. A good old-fashioned paper diary will work just fine. You can use computers if you like. It is essential to have something you can carry with you. It should be something that you can easily take notes.  

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